I think Mad Men has had a great influence on menswear in the past couple of years, but I’d like to think that its success is largely due to the trends in menswear that came before it, namely Thom Browne. That said, Thom Browne has been doing the Brooks Brothers Black Fleece line for a few years now, well ahead of this Mad Men craze, and he also has his own line, which is crazy expensive.
Oh hell yes, now I can be that scandalous, badass, powerful creative exec I’ve always dreamed of being! I’ve heard of some men actually having their tailor sew the pocket square to jacket pocket itself.

Model Eva Herzigova - she of the original Wonderbra ads - is in Cannes for the film festival. At Monday night's red carpet premiere for "Looking for Eric" the Czech beauty wore a sparkly, nude-colored dress reminiscent in shape to the dress Gisele Bundchen wore to the 2008 Met Gala, only covered in sequins. I think Mad Men just opened the general public’s eyes to what a different-shaped suit is, and how much better they look than your typical sack suit.
For those who don’t want to drop $1500+ on a suit, J Crew does a great version (the Ludlow jacket and classic-fit pants) and Club Monaco now does a real good impression of the Thom Browne fit.

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