Google AdSense is one of the best CPC (Cost Per Click) ad networks available on the market. AdSense is an advertising program that anyone who publishes a Web site can use to generate income for their Web site. A longer explanation is that AdSense is an ad-placement program that utilizes Google’s proprietary search capabilities to determine the best placement for ads that are purchased through the Google AdWords program. AdSense is contextual advertising, or ads that appear in the context of surrounding content. AdSense offers the following ad formats for text ads: banner (468x60), half banner (234x60), leaderboard (728x90), button (125x125), skyscraper (120x600), wide skyscraper (160x600), small rectangle (180x150), vertical banner (120x240), small square (200x200), square (250x250), medium rectangle (300x250) and large rectangle (336x280).
You can also display image ads on your site: banner (468x60), leaderboard (728x90), skyscraper (120x600), wide skyscraper (160x600), small square (200x200), square (250x250), medium rectangle (300x250) and large rectangle (336x280). Video ads are available in these formats: leaderboard (728x90), skyscraper (120x600), wide skyscraper (160x600), small square (200x200), square (250x250), medium rectangle (300x250) and large rectangle (336x280).
When you login to your publisher account the first thing you will notice is everything is well organized and everything is where you want it to be. Google AdSense offers payments by check (standard or secure express delivery, $24 processing fee) or by EFT (Electroic Funds Transfer available for certain countries only). BeRuby has commission agreements with all the sites that display a Ruby symbol and gives it back to you.

Members can earn money by various activities within the site, everything from completing offers to writing articles. Clickworker is a company based out of Germany that will pay you to work from home doing short tasks. CoinURL is a free URL shorter site which gives money when every visitor visits our shortened URLs.
Members can earn bitcoins by various activities within the site, everything from viewing ads, completing offers to writing articles. AdSense is the first mayor contextual advertisting program and one of the most successful, gaining publisher's trust all over the world. But there’s one small condition - Google must approve your site before ads are shown on your site.
What this means for you is that AdSense ads are related to the content of the pages on which those ads appear. Google AdSense has the best publisher interface I have ever seen, it is simple, usefull and full of features which make the process of ad placement, monitoring the statistics and tracking your payments status incredibly simple and easy.
Payments are made on a NET 30 basis and one thing is for sure, they always pay on time. As the ads are related to the content of the site and are more targeted they are more likely to get clicked, thus generating more revenue for the owner of the website.Adsense is mostly a PPC (Price Per Click) network but sometimes it ads the CPM method, which means you get paid per click or sometimes paid per 1000 impressions that you serve those ads.

You can easyly create customizable reports, e-mail specific reports daily, weekly or monthly. We have put this site together to outline some alternative ways, that people can go about generating an income.
The cost will differ depending on the ads shown or to be more precise, on the content of your website, due to the contextual nature of the program. The payment history is just amazing, there is all the information you need, from how much you have earned, when was the payment sent, when you can expect it to arrive, the number of the check and much more. Having both advertisers and publishers as your customers!) In a pay-per-click advertising program, advertisers place ads based on keywords that are related to their content.
The strength of the program is the contextual CPC side, you get highly targeted related contextual ads on your website which are more likely to be clicked by your visitors.

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