ThinkComputers Podcast #62 – Fractal Design Core 500, An Insane PC Setup, AMD Polaris Rumors, a Hoverbike & More! I first thought that everyone already knew how to do this, but you would be surprised at how many people have e-mailed us asking this very question. The next program you can download that will show you information on your motherboard is SiSoftware’s Sandra Lite, which can be downloaded here. You may need to scroll down a little bit, but it will list information about your motherboard included the manufacturer, model and even version. These are probably 2 of the easiest and most accessible programs you can use to find out who makes your motherboard and what model it is. One of the most pressing questions dogging astronomers and cosmologists is how the universe began to take shape after the Big Bang.
Here they found the oldest stars ever seen in our galaxy: metal-deficient giants serving as cosmic obituaries detailing the lives and deaths of the first stars in the universe. According to the team, which published its findings in Nature last week, the stars under study have been at the center of the Milky Way for billions of years and contain a€?chemical fingerprintsa€? indicating that the universe's first stars died in massive explosions called hypernovae, which are about ten times as energetic as regular supernovae.
This last discovery is of particular importance because the chemical composition of stars can tell astronomers a good deal about their formation.
To actually hunt these stars, the researchers turned to images taken with the Australian National Universitya€™s SkyMapper telescope. Eventually, the group found nine stars all of which had at less than one-thousandth of the metal content of our Sun.
Astronomers have long thought that the first stars must have formed in the center of the galaxy, where gravity is the strongest.
To check its observations, the team used precise measurements of the starsa€™ movements to predict where they were heading and where they had been in the past.

The stars discovered by the team date back to before the Milky Way was even formed, when the universe was only about 300 million years old. What if there were a precise moment of weakness in the development of cancer within an individual? This capability for extreme power generation is also part of what makes cancer cells so difficult to beat and, as the cells burn through so much extra glucose, cancer wastes away the body, depleting its defenses as an added bonus. In their quest to understand the formation of the early universe, many turn outward and study stars, supervoids, and other cosmic objects that are billions of light years away. Moreover, one of the stars is the most metal-deficient star to have yet been discovered in the center of the galaxy. In the immediate aftermath of the Big Bang, the universe only contained hydrogen, helium, and trace amounts of lithium. Sifting millions of candidate stars, they were hunting for those that were slightly bluer than their counterpartsa€”a dead giveaway that they have a lower metal content than their neighbors. The most metal-deficient star of the nine consisted of less than one ten-thousandth parts metal and is now the candidate for the most metal-poor star in the galaxy. Yet decades of observation seemed to fly in the face of these assumptions, with most of the stars in the center of the Milky Way possessing a metal content similar to that of stars much closer to our Sun. What the astronomers found is that seven of the stars had spent their entire lives in the center of the galaxy, which according to computer simulations run by the team, means they musta€™ve been around in the universea€™s infancy.a€?There are so many stars in the center of our galaxya€”finding these rare stars is really like looking for a needle in a haystack,a€? Casey said. Yet what makes these stars so rare is that they contain a chemical fingerprint left on them from even older stars, a fingerprint which suggest that this first generation of stars died in brilliant hypernovae, one of the most energetic occurrences in the universe. This game is played between tumor cells that are oxygen-rich and tumor cells that are oxygen-poor.
The transition isn't immediate, and the researchers think that this window is not only where the cancer cells are most vulnerable, but also when tumors are planning big moves.

But, recently, an international team of astronomers led by researchers from the University of Cambridge and the Australian National University, turned inward to focus on the center of our own Milky Way. So, to find the oldest stars, astronomers look for those containing large amounts of hydrogen with few other elements. In light of these observations, the researchers couldna€™t count on the low metal content of these stars alone to guarantee that they were around in the early days of the universe. The two sets behave differently in one very critical way: poor cells use glucose for energy through a process of fermentation, producing lactate, while rich cells use that lactate with oxygen to produce more glucose, which is passed back to the poor cells to turn into energy. If some shit is about to go down and conditions are changing, leading to a change in the oxygen-poor and -rich balance, a new state is likely. RAM or Graphics Card, it's a lot easier to run CPU-Z and see the all the information you require than to open up some dust filled case. Rather, they may have formed much later in less dense parts of the galaxy and just now happened to be passing through the center.
It applies to biology, as it applies to economics or political science, because maximization is often involved in evolutionary survival.
I've been using it for years and will probably continue to do so until I find something better or they stop updating it.

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