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When all the kids in the class are raising their hands, who’s an eighth grade teacher most likely to call on? The boy has a straightedge marking on his bicep, which we find a little redundant on a pre-teen.
Dez Heal, 13, of Lynchburg, Va., was rushed to the hospital with a bamboo stick impaled his neck. Dez had been playing a Ninja game with friends and "decided to put the bamboo stick in the back of my shirt," he told ABC affiliate WSET-TV.
Dez's father, David Heal, described to WSET how the stick pierced Dez's neck and came out about about 3 inches behind his ear. It might seem surprising, but when emergency room physicians see an impaling injury like Dez's, they don't rush to yank the piercing object out -- they leave it in as they take the time to appraise the patient.

Pepe went on to describe the deliberate, painstaking ABC protocol -- airway, breathing, circulation -- that's followed for an impaling injury like Dez's.
A patient might be asked to wiggle his toes to see whether there is a spinal cord injury, Pepe explains. Doctors use imaging, including CT scans, and possibly angiograms, to further determine the nature of the injury. Only after a meticulous assessment do doctors consider cutting off the ends of the object and moving to "a very careful surgical removal," Pepe says. By appraising the injury beforehand, a hospital can make sure it has the appropriate expert on hand -- such as a vascular surgeon if an artery has been struck, Mehrotra says.
Such accidents -- often shown dramatically on TV, especially in a famous "Grey's Anatomy" episode in which two patients were impaled on the same pole -- "aren't as rare as we would like to think," according to Mehrotra. Larger, more serious impalements happen to workers who fall on the job, and to those caught in tornadoes, Pepe says. Through theafore-mentioned technological developments weve been in a position to determinethat particular ingredients are extremely good to the human body, a lot of themserving as metabolism enhancers while others stop the intake of fat or perhaps helpwith burning up it.

Paul Pepe, chairman of emergency medicine at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, agrees. Doctors have to ensure that there is not a loss of circulation, and that the patient is not bleeding out.
Moreover, its been demonstrated that performing smaller thanaverage intense groups of different exercises not only helps to create one?s muscletissue and cardiovascular system, nonetheless it could also help to beat theparticular feared level of skill impact.
He got inked by his tattoo artist father — a man who clearly finds his own work suitable for minors.

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