When you do interesting things you will be interesting, which naturally keeps a guy interested. Let us serve as your Romance Advisors and we’ll show you the correct way to keep a guy interested from “Hello” to “I do”. You may have been brought up to believe “man is king” - well that is baloney and if your man is King then you clearly are Queen! We Believe: When you and your man connect, you’ll have a lot of interesting stuff to share.
So what about something more immediate like when you do meet someone and want to get him interested?
Engaging in premature sex is the kiss of death when you’re seeking a committed relationship.
What you are about to learn is so easy, yet so powerful; you should probably stop and do a relationship assessment to ensure that you are really ready to move forward. You will make story magic, which has been successfully practiced by wise women for centuries. When you have finished telling your story, your man will feel as if you have woven a mysterious spell that induced a perfect state of agreement. Problems in a relationship can be due to many reasons, or either of you may realize than you no longer want to be in the relationship. No that you know each other well after spending two years together, this is the time when you come to the actually grounds of you relationship. You are tired of going out for the same dinners, shopping etc.  Now you are bored with the same life – waking up, going to work, coming back in the evening, having dinner and going to sleep. After being so much into each other for almost 1 2 years you realize that you now you need your own space in life.

You and your partner both start focus on other important things like your career and your work.
When it comes to treating life practically or when you both need to know things that are common between you like your interests, hobbies, same thinking and all you realize that you are not well compatible with your partner. Every relationship faces certain issues sooner or later it is you who needs to evaluate the situation and decide how you want to deal with these issues.
But let me tell you that it will be much better if you try and sort out the problems between you two. When females toss their hair they may not realize it exposes their armpit and pheromones (sex chemicals) release. The next best thing to their touching and smelling a woman’s hair is watching a woman mess with her own hair.
If you demonstrate hair flirting, gazing, smiling and touching when you first connect with a guy, he’ll probably think you’re afflicted with some kind of palsy.
You’ll get emotionally invested, over-romanticizing the relationship before it gets off the ground.
A romantic dinner, the great wine you brought, and now sitting here cuddling in front of the fire.
Together with sensory influencers, your story magic will lull him into an altered state of consciousness.
When the time is right for him to propose, chances are, he will ask without your prompting. A stage when your relationship has come to a hold and you are thinking whether it was infatuation of you really want to be with your partner forever. You put all your focus on it so much that you forget about pending at least some time of your day with your partner.  This brings a gap between the two partners that leads to becoming a bump in the relationship.

There are many such things between the both of you that make you think that you won’t be able to continue your relationship with such a person. When your relationship comes to a stability you realize that there are not much things left between the two of you to talk about. Mystery is a powerful force with the potential to evolve your relationship from casual dating to commitment.
Rather than spending all the time together, you wish to spend some 2 3 hours of quality time. You become so much in other things of your life like taking care of kids, work, career, household activities etc. First, you can sit with you partner and talk to them face to face about the issues and find out a solution to the issues and fix the problem.
You partner may feel hurt and get upset when they will come to know that you no longer want to be in a relationship with them. Spilling out your life story, like a cornucopia, removes the incentive a man needs for getting to know you. Whereas the second thing you can do is to evaluate the above given reasons on your own and decide to break up with you partner. If you think about it, these are the places and things you'll be doing when you might meet the guy your hoping for!
Like for example one religion tells you to eat non-vegetarian food whereas the other person’s religion allows you to eat non-vegetarian.

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