When you talk to him, discuss things that would bring out your sense of humour and make him laugh. Making eye contact is very important when you wish to initiate a conversation with a stranger.
Getting a guy’s attention is not a difficult thing but there are some guys who are harder to please. If you are interested in someone like that, you must be patient and try different ways to get him notice you. Making a guy fall for you takes time and you could initiate things by getting noticed by him.
A light hearted conversation with a stranger is always welcome as it helps in breaking he ice between two people and get them interested in the conversation.

Talk about your life, friends, family and share every vital detail about your life that he would want to know.
You could indulge in sports or any other activity that would suggest you are a chilled out girl and get along well with guys. In such a case, the girl should try to get the guy to notice her without letting him know that she is interested in him. If he laughs along with you or smiles at what you say, it means he likes you and enjoys your company. While it is important to look at a person for some time, you must not look at him for a very long time.
There are several ways in which you can get a guy notice you but you need to be patient as it could take some time.

You should go about it stealthily without giving him a hint of the fact that you are interested in him. Put on your best attire and groom yourself properly before you go out to a place where you expect to meet him. Second, if he sees you with other guys, he will realise that you have no dearth of men in your life and he is not the only male presence in your life. Instead, look for the chance to display your talent in a specific situation which requires you to do so.

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