Not only are there great apps and widgets found in Google Play Store, but there are also plenty of tips and tricks you might not know of. In this post, we’re going to share with you 15 tips and tricks for Google Play Store that you probably have no clue about (yet).
If you don’t want to link your credit cards to your Google account, you can buy a Google gift card and redeem it as Play Store credit. Stay on top of all your app orders or in-app purchases that you have bought with your Google account. Once you have added apps to your wishlist, you can access your list from within the Play Store app itself. By default Play Store will automatically update all your Android apps if there is a new version available. For apps downloaded from App Store, a widget shortcut is created for each app you download. Every device that is connected to your Google Account and used to access the Play Store, will automatically be added as one of your devices.
You can hide your device from showing in your menu list when you’re downloading an app. Android Device Manager can help you track all your other devices registered under the same Google account. Do you know that you can also download apps to your device from the web version of Play Store? Because Play Store caters for both smartphone and tablet apps, you might want to filter your app search results for apps that are optimized for tablets. The first step to starting an online store is to determine what niche you’re going to focus on.

Now that you know what you need to run an online store, it’s time to take action and actually get things done. If you’d like to learn more about how to successfully make a living using the Internet, be sure to join my wealth club by signing up for my mailing list. The store isn’t just for you to scour through lists and lists of apps and reviews to download an app to pass the time.
Be it the Android Play Store app or the web version, there are a few things you might find here that will make your app downloads a lot easier to manage.
Like on Apple products, you can use a password to restrict the purchases made on your Android device. Some of the factors that determine what level of maturity an app is at include the presence of gambling, violent or crude humor elements among others.
If you happen to have disabled that feature, but still receive notifications telling you to update your apps, here’s how you can totally disable those annoying notifications. You can access a list that will show all the available Android devices that is under your account. If for some reason you want to locate any one of your devices from the web, here’s how. You can also download any app to any of your Android devices from within your desktop browser. The best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time, and the same concept applies to building your online store. If you’d like to learn more about how to successfully make a living from home using the power of the Internet, be sure to join my wealth club by signing up for my mailing list. It actually has a few settings and configurations that can help you better manage your downloads, choices, purchases and even your devices.

If you do not want Play Store to do that automatically, here’s how you can disable it.
You can ring your device, lock it remotely or erase data from the device in case it was stolen.
Indeed, for entrepreneurs interested in achieving their goals of personal and financial freedom, starting and running an online store is the route to go. To prove my point, get a hold of the best selling products on the Internet – books , setup a store, and see what happens.
Owning and being in a position to run an online store will help you achieve the personal and financial freedom that you’ve been searching for in life. Today, I’m going to share with you the basic building blocks you need to have in place before filling your first order. For example, starting a store that sells consumer electronics is a very broad niche to go into.
On the other hand, selling specific items Sony Bravia TV’s might be to narrow of a niche to go into. Ultimately, these are the basic tools you’ll need to get started, so skipping this step is unacceptable.
You don’t need a loan or a business plan to figure out a marketing strategy, so get it done before you start your store.

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