The emo culture which started way back in the 1980s has come a long way in all these years. There are many admirers among the not so fairer sex of this hairstyle and they grow their hair and go for all kinds of dyes and sprays to get a perfect emo look.
If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Mens Long Hairstyles, Long Hairstyles For Men, Short Mens Hairstyles and Hairstyles For Guys. Long, shaggy hairstyle with step cut fringes hanging on front that creates a perfect emo look.
This bob haircut with uneven angular edges and slanting bangs on front makes for a sober emo look.
Another long hairstyle reaching up to shoulders with layers and shades of red worn with a side parting. The boy and the girl in short asymmetric length blonde hair with long, slanting fringes are looking damn cute. Both the young boys wearing black outfit are sporting cool emo haircuts that look charming. Dark hair with long and conical sides and shaggy layers bearing light brown highlights for a buoyant style. This guy with long dark hair swept on front is having a deep look at his city, sitting at the top.
Jagged, straight hair spread on front with blonde streaks make for a cool and complete emo hairstyle. Purple spikes on top and back with asymmetric, dark layers loosened on front and cheeks looks awesome. This long and casual hairstyle with a spiky back and blonde highlights gracing the sides makes for a unique portrait.

Multiple highlights gracing the asymmetric dark hair with side parting looks stylish and attractive.
Soft and silky, uneven dark hair styled in layers and covering the face presents an alluring and light-hearted look. This blue-eyed guy with side-swept hair tapering in an angular edge on the cheek is looking frightening.
The handsome boy has worn his hair in the conventional emo style with uneven, soft layers scattered all around.
This guy is a wholesome emo package with tattoos, piercing and long dark hair having shaggy spikes and layers. Having soft dark hair with slight variations on the ends that are drooping on front, the boy looks sweet. Vibrant, orange hair with uneven, wavy layers covering the forehead present an amazing look. This bob haircut with sharp edges and angular layers tossed sideways has an easygoing look. Smooth dark hair with irregular layers flipped on front which covers a large part of the face and looks mysterious.
This emo couple flaunts their hairdo with the guy having shaggy, layered dark hair with a sligt streak of blonde. Dark shaggy hair bearing a spiky trail on back with layers scattered on front creates a cluttered look.
Interesting hair style but would rather be able to look into someone eyes – the window of the soul after all. Something thatI learned from this post was the emo style and cuture had been around since the 80s, I did not realize that.

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The emo hairstyles, a manifestation of the popular punk music culture, too went through many ups and downs but still holds a strong charm for guys and gals. Being sexy and mysterious, the hairstyle makes you acquire a sensuous charm which is very appealing.
Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. Wear them brushed forward and angled across to one side – so the bangs cover one eye.
And you can add streaks of color – blonde, bright blue, cherry red, grape purple, or any color of the rainbow. The emo hairstyles are about sporting a cool and funky look with bright and vibrant colors. If you are thinking of getting it to sit on your mane, then get ready to do some hard work. We can give you some help through this post regarding ideas and inspirations as it has 30 emo hairstyles for guys in different fashion.

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