Some RPGs expect players to nurture long courtships and build relationships with love interests before getting any romantic payoff.
In addition to the bonus on restoration spells, wearing this amulet is how you broadcast to the world that you're looking to get hitched. It's up to you to find out who you want to marry and how to win their favor, but these are the basic steps to follow when the decision is made. You may also find him wandering around town, or at The Bee and the Barb (where he's pictured below).

Have you encountered characters that seemed interested in you, but you couldn't figure out how to flirt? The whole process may seem somewhat abrupt to gamers who are accustomed more developed romance subplots, but life in Skyrim is tough and short, so you have to seize happiness when you can.
You wear a necklace, meet someone you like, and if that person likes you back, you get married. There are many potential spouses in Skyrim, and some of them require you to meet certain requirements before they'll marry you.

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