Well i just found out that the dude is 20 and she’s 15, so that would certainly be illegal. I heard about some chicks in Alabama who let their boyfriends nail them anally because they thought that they would remain virgins since there was no vaginal penetration. So does this mean with new sex offender laws that Miley’s BF will not be giving out candy this year for Halloween? Devin is a fairly hairy man though - so he has now taken it a step further and shaved his entire torso!!
But it was parked illegally, so they were planning on towing it, but they wanted to find the owner first. Teddy showed up to the party, took pictures with the family and kids and hung out for a bit to celebrate Obadiah's birthday! A Charlotte, North Carolina high schooler entered his school talent show and all he did was toss a half-full water bottle onto a table, so that it landed up right. Everybody was obviously in on the joke though because all his friends in the crowd went crazy and acted like it was the best thing ever!

These two Michigan prom dates dressed up as "Coming to America" characters for prom and the internet is going nuts!
A woman was in South Africa and posted this video of two lions licking the water off of the outside of her tent - while she was INSIDE OF IT! The little girl was pushed up against the metal fencing, so he came over and pulled her over the fence.
Vanilla Ice was at the premiere of the new "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" sequel and performance "Ninja Rap" from the 1991A "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" sequel!
She bought a Chewbacca mask at Kohl's last week that makes a Wookie sound when you talk, filmed it on Facebook livestream, and everyone went nuts!
Christina Aguilera was supposed to perform on the finale of "The Voice" on Monday night, with a hologramA of Whitney Houston.
A guy from Washington DC decided to make a fake travel ad about how BAD it is to live in his city! Taylor Lautner (ex boyfriend of Taylor Swift & resident werewolf) has joined instagram and in his first video, he promised to give out Taylor Swift's phone number!

Not to be the only asshole nitpicker, but what’s up with the fat jailbird dude’s key chain? During the traffic stop, while both of her doors were open, she floored the car in reverse and rammed the cop car behind her!
Then he tries to shoot the other guy in the video but he misses - so the other guy starts kicking the car door, jumping on the windshield, and destroys his car!
She then drove off and knocked down a cop and the other woman who was in the car with her when they got pulled over! But I think maybe in his mind he thinks he can get it, and I bet that is gonna be why that break up because he didn’t get it!
Maybe it’s the key to unlock his cell, and he’s so badass that he wears it around his neck!

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