A good decision will be experimenting with blonde and adding blue, pink or green to the blonde basis. The transition of blonde into pink for example, will convert your image into a bit careless on one side and and very romantic on the other.
So if you want to be pink, you can have roots of strawberry hair color and go to the ends of darker pink.
And if have dared to have hair colors like flowers, then you will rock this summer time, I assure you.

And even though hair trends 2015 set natural hair colors as main tendencies, women can't stick to one style all the seasons.
To create hippie looks, leave your hair textured naturally, messy waves are perfect to combine with flower crowns.
The other may want to have two contradicting colors on their hair, like blue and pink on two sides. Ladies, we love changes,for some of us very drastic change is painful and almost impossible while for the others it is the best solution, cause the wild spirit of theirs is never sleeping.

If you really choose to have pastel hair colors for this summer, you must now that going too bright and edgy won't do. First of all remember the Louis Viutton pastel hair colors set for 2015 and try to be as soft as possible.

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