When a rich man says, “I want a 9 car garage and be able to enjoy viewing one of them in the living room,” he gets it. If I owned a Lamborghini and eight other kickass cars, I'd want to be constantly watching at least one of them all the time too.
Designed by architect Takuya Tsuchida, the setup involves an elevator inside the living room that descends down into the garage. While there are probably other ways of getting a car into a living room that doesn't involve an elevator, the house was built in space-starved Tokyo and the owner only had 2,000 square feet of land to fit it all in. Plus, the very idea of having the car parked inside your living room is just joyously priceless. This means he was forbidding his readers from participating in something that seemedA to have already been initiated.
Could it be that false teachers were trying to tell the Galatians that theA law of sowing and reaping didna€™t really work? It seems so.A We also live in a day and time when the law of sowing and reaping is challenged by those who do not embrace its truth. A doubt sown here and there makes them question the validity ofwhether or not the law of sowing and reaping applies to finances.

In the end, many of these new believers let go of their grip on this promise and walk away. The idea is of someone who arrogantly says, a€?Come on, you surely dona€™t believe this stupid principle of sowing and reaping.
For someA reason, he didna€™t get the results he expected, so now he acts as though this principle isna€™t true orA applicable to anyone. This immediately alerts us to the fact that this law is not applicable only to finances, but toA anything in life. It applies to love, to work, to time, to patience, to kindness, to forgiveness, to bitterness, to selfishness a€” and, of course, to money. Again, Paul lets us know that this is a law of God that applies to every sphere of life with no exceptions. And if you sow this seed steadily and faithfully, Goda€™sA promise is that youA will reap a harvest.
But those who keep on habitually sowing and sowing and sowing as a manner of lifestyle are the ones who eventually reap and reap and reap as the manifold blessings of God come pouring back into their lives.A The level at which you sow determines the level you will reap. For example, in one low-lying district of Israel, harvest may be in full swing while districts at higher altitudes are still weeks, or even a full month, away from their harvest time.A This principle holds true in every other realm as well.

For instance, if the seed you are sowing is financial seed, remember to bathe it in prayer as it leaves your pocketbook and enters the Kingdom of God. Pray for the Holy Spirit to create a right atmosphere or climate for that seed to take root and grow. And if it takes awhile for the harvest to come back to you, remember that no farmer plants seed one day and expects to have a full wheat or corn field the next day!
So dona€™t ever let the devil or anyone else ever talk you into backing outA of sowing financial seeds into the Kingdom of God.A As I said earlier, the sowing of seeds applies to every area of life.
Then you can start planting those same kinds of seeds to assure that youa€™ll get the harvest of your dreams!A Lord, I want to be a faithful, consistent giver! I know that this is a spiritual law that always works and willA never change, so please help me renew my thinking to the truth of this law and come into aA place of conformity with it. Have you been consistent with your giving, or have you been on-again, off-again in the way you give your tithes and offerings?

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