Pediatric Emergencies Acknowledgement is made to the following expert for the development of this module: Karen Belotti, RN, BSN 2007 Revised 2011 by Lori. Assessment Triangle An across-the-room assessment to establish severity of illness or injury and urgency of intervention Appearance (the look test) is the simplest and most effective assessment tool. Pediatric Triage Rules Parents know their children better than you - if they say the child is sick - believe them!
Assessment Mental status Alertness Level of consciousness Most reliable indicator of neuro change Unusual fatigue? PEDIATRICS Respiratory Emergencies Most pediatric arrests occur secondary to respiratory compromise. Respiratory Emergencies Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) Most frequent cause of bronchiolitis Highly infectious – isolate! Abdominal Emergencies – Pyloric Stenosis Hypertrophy of muscular layers of pylorus Obstruction More in males Age 2-8 wks Nonbilious projectile vomiting ?
ORT = Oral Rehydration Therapy For mild to moderate dehydration & able to take oral fluids Calculate how much of an appropriate solution (ie, Pedialyte) to give in small amounts over certain period of time (ie, every 5 min.
4 Herpes Simplex Diagnosis –Tzanck Smear: 60-90% accurate, 3-13 % false + Nonspecific (HSV and VZV) Used on acute vesicular lesions Multinucleated giant cells jig saw nucleus.
10 Herpetic Infections Herpetic Sycosis –blade shaving after facial herpes induces a slowly spreading folliculitis of the beard with few isolated vesicles.

13 Herpetic Infections Herpetic Keratoconjunctivitis –Punctate keratitis or as dendritic ulcers. 25 Intrauterine and Neonatal Herpes Prevention and management: –70% of mothers of HSV infected infants are asymptomatic at delivery and have no HX of infection. 30 Herpes Simplex in the Immunocompromised Any erosive mucocutaneous lesion should raise suspicion of herpes simples. 34 Varicella Presentation: Faint erythematous macules develop into teardrop vesicles in 24 hours. 38 Varicella Treatment: –Acyclovir for severe cases, high risk individuals and adults (>13 years). 39 Varicella Prevention: Varicella Vaccine –Live attenuated virus –95% effective Those who do contract varicella have mild case.
40 Varicella in Pregnancy Increased risk of spontaneous abortion (3% by 20 wks), congenital varicella syndrome and fetal death. The event is free of charge and presents you a selection of outstanding ESA BIC start-ups with innovative products able to improve our life using Space technologies.
This will be a great occasion to networking and talk about business opportunities while sharing a cup of coffee, a croissant and a light lunch. Crying – lack of sleep - hunger Ability to relate to caregiver Terminology – lethargic, drowsy What stimulus does it take to elicit what response?

Spread by Skin to Skin contact –Active lesions are infective –Asymptomatic shedding accounts for the majority of transmission.
HSV-2 facts: –20% truly asymptomatic, 20% recognize their lesions, 60% have lesion but don’t recognize them as HSV or don’t notice them at all. Herpes infection in pt with atopic dermatitis results in infection throughout the eczematous areas with hundreds of vesicles. In return we ask you to fill out a short questionnaire to rate the pitch presentation and give some feedback to the start-up.
Prior HSV-1 infection does not protect from HSV-2 infection but may lessen severity of first outbreak.
Intrauterine infection (rare) –Primary lesions of mother –May cause fetal anomalies: skin lesions, scars, microcephally, microphthalamos, encephalitis, calcifications.
Be alert for nasal flaring, retractions, abnormal airway sounds, position of comfort, rate Circulation- color & temperature of skin.
Herpetic Gingivostomatitis –1 % of infections –Erosions, ulcers in mouth with white base associated with fever, lymphadenopathy and malaise.

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