There are a number of tools and applications to find vulnerabilities in websites, but one of the simplest (and one of my favorites) is nikto. This small and simple tool examines a website and reports back to you the potential vulnerabilities that it found that you could use to exploit or hack the site.
Once again, it identifies the server (Apache) and then proceeds to identify numerous potential vulnerabilities pre-fixed with OSVDB. Now, let’s use this site to find information on one of the vulnerabilities identified by nikto as OSVDB-877. Note, in lower half of this page there are cross-references to the various information sources about this vulnerability, as well as references to tools and filters such as Nikto, Nessus, and Snort. However, any attempt to exploit the vulnerabilities listed will reveal that they’re all false-positives, as WonderHowTo simply returns a harmless 404 page.

False positives like this can appear because the scan does not actually execute each of the possible vulnerabilities, but rather scans to see if the server responds without error to known exploitable URLs. Web Designer, Location Independent, Pentesting Tester, Passive Income, Coding, Scripting, SSH Console, Marketing, Webmaster, Coder and Ethical.. Every budding Internet hacker or a user wants to hack a website,but is unsure on how to do that.In my last post,I discussed about Google Hacks which can be used to search for vulnerable sites and content from Google,however if you want to scan a website for its loopholes,you will need a good website ripper or a mapping tool. In addition, it’s one of the most widely used website vulnerabilities tools in the industry and in many circles considered the industry standard. Any website with an IDS or other security measures in place will detect that you are scanning it. It nailed this info and gives up more information on other potential vulnerabilities on this web server.

We can put that reference number into the search function and it retrieves the following page. As you can imagine, if Facebook weren’t secure, every script-kiddie on the planet would be hacking it to see who his true love is chatting with online.
Simply trying various attacks without first finding which attacks the site is vulnerable is pure foolishness.

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