Here’s the thing – If those lines actually were smooth or well delivered, may be you would stand a chance, but the sad reality is that most of them are not… NOT even close. If you walk in there with your back arched and your catchy line in hand, what do you say if she rolls her eyes and turns away from you. Well, girls always get to know who is actually interested in knowing about themselves and who is just faking to get them in bed.
While talking with her, try to be calm, confident and be interesting in whatever you are talking about. For whatever reason, men seem to think that a smooth, well delivered line will get them in good with the ladies in a club. Yes, there are guys who can get her interest with a few well-placed words, but they have something that most guys out there don’t have – the confidence and cool demeanor to deliver them, then keep up the charm without feeling sorry for themselves.
When it comes to meeting a woman for the first time, a slick line that has been delivered a dozen times before is a RISK.

When you meet a woman for the first time, you need to be sure you do something unexpected and original so you capture her attention, then control that attention (you’re not begging here), and finally have something else to say once she’s on the hook. And without a chance to show off how great and engaging you are with conversations, your only chance to show off might be on how you stand up and carry yourself.
Eye contact can make a shy lady blush but it is also a good way to challenge a headstrong lady.
It makes you seem nice and friendly, and it would making easing up to you far from difficult nor awkward.
Or if the situation allows for it, you can also try to send her stuff like some drinks or food through someone. Or what if you’re in the middle of your bartender duty attending to a customer and she was sitting on the outdoor table with her friends? Stand with your shoulders even, your back straight, and your head held high (but not too high to actually seem arrogant).

Tip: Practice the ‘smize’ – it’s a projection technique made popular by supermodel Tyra Banks.
Don’t show any trace of self-consciousness – no fixing of outfits, straightening of shirts, or moves that tell you’re obviously trying to look good for her. That’s always an important component to making an impression – something unforgettable – so make sure that you nail that component perfectly!

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