Stylish Eve - Provides information about fashion trends, outfits, hairstyles, interior design, outdoors, beauty, dresses and jewelry. Enjoy watching the crowd’s reaction as well as the performance in this fabulous mood-lifting classical music flashmob in Barcelona.
This baby can’t decide whether his mom blowing her nose is terrifying, or the funniest thing ever. Make these adorable frosty votive candle holders with cheap glass containers and Epsom salts.
Welcome a new season with perfect pairings of luxurious fabrics, and sturdy, practical pieces in the Ralph Lauren Spring 2015 collection. Ralph Lauren – a leader on the front lines of fashion, the fight against breast cancer, and philanthropy. How cool is it to find a selection of cleverly designed watches that look fantastic, but which are not going to break the bank when you buy one? Fancy adding a touch of James Bond gadgetry to your home – why not install a practical Cardok to solve all your parking problems? Imaginative and playful underwater images of kids having fun from our favourite underwater photographer, Adam Opris. Watch dad and his 20-month-old ‘lil man’ enjoying a morning jam together – both making some pretty cool moves and having loads of fun into the bargain.

Small spaces can be fabulous, as you’ll see in these tiny balcony garden spots with moods that range from city sophistication to pure Zen. Trees come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, all adapting to their immediate environment and purpose. This yard is truly “in the pink” with cheerful poppy accessories and stone, playing a starring role in a cool green haven by Paradise Restored.
Cool blue, deep green, bright red, yellow, pink, and pure white combine in a formal yet fresh and modern garden by Sydney’s Secret Gardens. No matter the size of your garden, water features, statuary, and skilled plantings can enhance it, as pictured here in examples by Art in Green. This West Virginia gem, mere steps behind a rustic gate, is a group of beautifully sculpted outdoor “rooms” from Surrounds Landscape Architecture.
Enjoy this great tip for emergencies if you’ve run out of candles – with just an orange and some cooking oil you can create a lamp in under a minute!
A great DIY project from Stylish Eve shows you the simple way to make a tote bag without needing a needle and thread. Enjoy the remarkable and mesmerizing effects created by Adam Opris as he takes magical photographs of underwater brides and grooms.
One hundred percent elegant, these lacy, beaded, and beribboned wedding cakes are as pretty as the brides whose receptions they grace.

With groomsmen and bridesmaids in attendance at most weddings, how about having man’s best friend as ‘best man’ for a really special moment? Have a good look at the city of Paris from the back of an eagle as it soars down from the top of the Eiffel Tower to a handler on the other side of the Seine.
Poseidon’s Mystery Island – the undersea resort of the future offering a wealth of underwater experiences designed for the adventurous. Cute Girls Hairstyles help us to master two styles, the feather waterfall braid and a ladder braid combo, that both look far more challenging than they really are. Brilliant and unparalleled are the rightful words that come to mind when speaking of the Tiffany Yellow Diamond Collection. Our Stylish Eve stylists have put together outfits for 2013 that will make you look great in stripes.

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