Maybe thata€™s why the hottest female celebs are drawn towards guys who arena€™t very good looking, who dona€™t dress well, who have no hair or grungy long hair, or who are much older than them. When most people think about learning guitar, they think about all the time that they will have to put into practicing, all the accessories theya€™ll have to buy and all the commitment that learning guitar requires right off the bat. You see, learning guitar isna€™t about quantity (the amount of time you dedicate to learning the instrument), learning guitar is about consistency and quality (how frequently you practice and how disciplined you practice).
Ita€™s not about how complicated the song you play for a girl is, ita€™s about the way you play it.
No more vague explanations and guides that lay crappy groundwork by giving you advice that can be interepreted anyway. It wasna€™t till a friend of mine in early college showed me a couple of cool tricks on his acoustic guitar that I started to really get attention from girls.

Guitar totally built my confidence, helped me grow up and made me grow into my personality. Now Ia€™d like to share with you these tips, skills and basic guitar lessons that helped develop the successful person that I am to this day with ladies and all aspects of my life. So finally you can learn EXACTLY How To Impress A Girl, How To Meet Women And How To Get Women a€“ All in one guide! This guy tells you EXACTLY what you need to learn and all this stuff isna€™t very hard at all a€“ especially the stuff that you develop A understanding how to impress a girl. This guide is here to help you and tell you exactly what to do in order to handle the opposite sex better. This Guitar Ebook is compiled from everything that he has learned in 15 years of teaching himself guitar and taking a handful of lessons from various coaches.

It doesna€™t matter how old you are, if your good looking, or ugly, have hair or dona€™t have hair, if you know how to play a guitar, women are INSTANTLY attracted to you! They were all so basic that it only took a few minutes of practicing a day and I could easily grasp these concepts in NO TIME AT ALL. I came to develop a couple different techniques Ia€™d use that I share in this guide that really was like a€?clock-worka€? with a€?closing the deala€? with chicks.
Before you knew it, I was a€?ladies mana€? of my dorm floor and could get any girl I wanted!

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