She is also very clumsy and apparently talks a lot, usually in not such a good way.It is strongly stated by the other characters that she is very funny for a girl and a fun person to hang out with. At the same time, she also implies she is not cute and girly, the type of girls that are very appreciated in Japan, possibly due to her tall stature. He has a real attitude problem and Koizumi often has to endure quite a bit of verbal abuse.
Ooh, Shiny!: Koizumi can instantly drop angst, romance, or anything she's doing at the moment she sees swimming pools, rickshaws, or Umibouzu. Bad Liar: Anyone could say what she's thinking because is,literally, written all over her face. They start very much like this, but it's somewhat unusual in that it's entirely viewed from the Tsundere's perspective. Boke and Tsukkomi Routine: Koizumi is usually the Tsukkomi, though after the Relationship Upgrade she acts more like the Boke to Otani's Tsukkomi.
Things like: A red purse, a necklace, a ring, her cellphone, something for the bath, among other things. Caught the Heart on His Sleeve: To Otani, to physically stop him from walking over to talk to his ex-girlfriend. They are the comedy pair of class known as "All Hanshin-Kyojin" and usually play the Boke and Tsukkomi Routine Class Representative: With Otani.

At the beginning, she's sleeping? while standing? in the training in row of her school!Risa [Suddenly awakens]: DAMN IT!
It doesn't help that all of her friends, usually Nobuko and Nakao,are constantly encouraging her on in her pursuit of him. Effortless Amazonian Lift: Koizumi carries Otani in her arms after he failed to escape her.
Lampshades for Otani when she points at him saying his no going to win the bet that they made.Risa: Don?t even think that I will lose to you! At one point she becomes so obsessed with them that she falls for Maity because he looks like Cain, a character from her favorite game.
Not only are you tall, you don't even have the slightest sense of feminity at all, Suzuki will never like you! Get A Hold Of Yourself Man: Risa is fond of using this method to calm people down or get them to think more rationally. Huge School Girl: Basically, half the premise is based on she being a girl more taller than japanese average. She thinks very high of Otani's ex-girlfriend, Kanzaki, wondering why would he pick her over his ex-girlfriend. This is partly because his hard and cold behavior around her and his inability to tell what he feel for her that she is don?t always sure he loves her enough or loves her at all.

She calls him ?midget? and ?shrimp?, though after the Relationship Upgrade , she still occasionally call him this, though in a considerably softer manner than before. Ironic Name: Her last name is Koizumi and means "little spring" in japanese and she is taller than any other girl. She is a girl who?s taller than average and he is a guy with a height below most average guys.
Tsundere: Type Unsorted, but that is mostly due to the indecisive and hard-to-read behavior of her love interest. The problem is that when she tries, Otani ends saying things like ?gross? or ?weird? and that makes her mood changes of a "dere dere" one to "tsun tsun" in question of seconds.
The Dangerous Beauty Burns with Envy!" when Risa points out that Mimi must be depressed because Otani saw her true self, we get this:Otani: What?s that? Risa falls in love with Otani, but Otani rejected her because he can?t see her like ?more than a friend? (maybe because she?s taller than him too).

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