Here are some of the highlights of his discussion during the LGBT panel at the New Jersey Playlist Live Tri-State in Secaucus.
Do you ever get nervous that when you come out, that people will just see you only as “gay”? Once you came to terms with your sexuality – what was the coming out process like to your friends and family? Troye: For me, I came out to my dad, and then he told the rest of the family on behalf of me, which is cool and I appreciated it. If you own the rights to any of the images and do not wish them to appear on the site please contact us, and they will be promptly removed!

Over a week, each one of my siblings came into my room crying, and then tried to hug me, and it was all good and was really, really cool. I can never not imagine myself not getting butterflies whenever I have to come out to somebody. I didn’t talk about it for like six months after that, but it kind of made me start to deal with it and research it and watch coming out videos on Youtube and stuff like that. My grandma has Alzheimers now and I have to like, keep coming out to her, and every time shes like [shocked] and then she’s fine with it. It was such a personal story, it was very difficult for me to watch at the time because I was so nervous.

Its kind of nice, now when I meet new people, I don’t feel that nervousness or awkwardness.

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