It's timeless knowledge that nothing motivates an elementary school student like promising to kiss a pig.
Two years ago, Franklin Elementary School principal Casie Kilgore told her students that she would engage in some porky puckering if they raised their Academic Performance Index (API) — based on Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) scores — by 25 points. So on Thursday afternoon, the Franklin student body tittered as Kilgore ascended the school's auditorium stage next to Snowball, a 130-pound miniature Vietnamese potbelly pig. The last time a principal in the district kissed a pig, it was to reward Roosevelt Elementary School families for raising $107,689 at the annual Rose Run jogathon. A combination of parent involvement, teacher dedication, and student engagement led to the bump in scores, said Kilgore. She discourages juice boxes, energy drinks, cheese doodles, flavored milkfruit roll ups and other processed foods laden with high-fructose corn syrup. I wish that we Italians still bred like Mexicans, but alas our native numbers are no longer sustainable. I was fortunate to have been born and raised in beautiful Santa Barbara, I attended Franklin School K-6. Then please DD, instead of doing what was predictable for all Progressives when faced with facts, refute the FACTS. The unfortunate part is that while there is information available in Spanish, many parents are illiterate in their own language.

In reviewing the literature, it appeared to me that many studies seemed to narrow their search criteria to exclude more static variables like family wealth.
Herschel_Greenspan on "Gun Control and Racism" So now goofy Ben Carson is giving tips on effective communication. Herschel_Greenspan on "Gun Control and Racism" Thorn is showing his racism with this absurd op ed. She got a reprieve the first year when they only managed a 19-point jump, but this year they made the 25-point leap, bringing the school's API up to 768 on a 1,000-point scale. As the pig's owner, Marty Fast — who runs a small pig sanctuary in Ojai — lifted the top of Snowball's crate, the kids started chanting, “Kiss, kiss.” Kilgore got down on all fours, hesitantly leaning in towards the oinker's mottled snout when Snowball lifted her head and the principal backed away. While the correlation between standardized test scores and the learning that happens at a school is arguable, Kilgore acknowledged that the tests have real-world implications. Maybe, just maybe, the parents should consider feeding their own kids like all of our parents did. Kilgore also works with the school's kitchen staff and parents to encourage healthier, whole foods to be eaten. The problem with the traditional Irish breeding rates is that their viability index was so damn low; having the English intentionally starving them took a toll on the number of newborns that made it to adulthood. Foreign born folks that happen to be black do not fit into this category, whether wealthy, poor, or having come as refugees from some African country practicing genocide.

In this day and age we are limiting immigration of literate and trained folks and opting instead for an unregulated horde of illiterates. SHOCKING, the inconvenient truth is that reading to your kid is FREE and the great equalizer and yet some specific groups with plenty of time on their hands just don't do it. She set an example for her students and staff by changing her diet and slimming down her 6 ft frame. These numbers came from your own CTA and even they found it difficult to make excuses for people that don't care.
And the single biggest indicator of childhood academic performance is parents READING TO THEIR KIDS.And hrmom has got it wrong as well. It turns out the more affluent parents have a tendency to contextualize the stories with their kids lives wheras the less affluent parents had a tendency to focus the kids more on objects illustrated in the books, etc. She diverted Snowball's attention by feeding him a fig Newton and gave him a smacker right on the snout. In two years, as California phases in the new Common Core State Standards, STAR tests will be replaced by “Smarter Balanced” assessments that require narrative answers and won't be timed, among other changes.

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