I started to write out instructions on how to make these pocket books, but it got so confusing. I'm a crafts instructor, mother of two terrific kids, rubber stamp addict (obviously), book lover, and news junkie. The fifteen minute video will guide you through the entire engineering process of making this badass Controller Mounted Hot Pocket Holder, which in turn will give you more happy time with your couch and Xbox and Call Of Duty.
Good pacing - I was able to use a piece of office paper and follow along comfortably, so now I have a little template & am more likely to actualy make one. I am sure I can speak for most people when I say that it's always great to have new and exciting ideas.

It seemed to jump from folding the paper to talking about the pockets without specifics on him to make the pockets. Now while this might seem like it is a lot of work just to make something for gaming, I think we all know it would be well worth the time. I love your blog and your wonderful projects - I wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for an award!
In just experimenting, I found that you can make a little larger book using a full 12 by 12 inch sheet and the same instructions. While I was quite flattered that someone would find them good enough to be commercially valuable, my intention in producing them is to provide inspiration free of charge to my blog readers.

FINALLY someone has found a way to get rid of the pain in the ass process of having to constantly wipe my Xbox controller off with a napkin.

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