I was just like you and thought you had to be an html guru to build a pretty website, but after some trial and error, I saw that Blogger made website building super, duper, simple. This is where, if you’re an HTML wizard, you can wave your html wand and custom a fancy template.
We made a Page {tab} for every subject we thought was important to cover for our beach wedding. We wanted to write a personal note to our fam and friends, welcoming them to the site and telling them how thrilled we are to share our special day with them.

Airlines, airport shuttles, accommodations and special wedding guest hotel rate info—this is the closest thing to a travel agent we could get. We included a Google map of the island and a star where our resort’s location is located. This is the Ostrich Guidebook to Oahu—a laundry list of our favorite places to check out, do and grub!
We included this as a helpful reminder of some stuff we always bring for our tropical getaways.

That’s why many of us value your future data, along with profit carrying out inside this specific.

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