I received an eloquent email from Tony Boyd a guitarist in The Primary - a folk rock band made up of a group of expats living in and around CheongJu, South Korea. Both iPowerweb and Easyspace are continually running sales promotions and are very competitive with their pricing and services. MailChimp - a free email marketing and email list manager that allows you to design, send and track HTML email campaigns - Also think about Constant Contact, they’ve a 60-Day free trial offer - brilliant for email marketing. Check that your band’s website loads quickly (Google PageSpeed also Submit Express), is in character for your genre, is entertaining, has a purpose and offers an easy mailing list and or newsletter sign up - get some outside opinions. Unify your web presence creating a simple, bold and easy to recognize: avatar or logo, banner image, flyers - think branding, consistency and identity. To host your own blog use, WordPress.org - free blog software, easy to install, loads of free templates and plugins.
Trackable Social Share Icons - enables your readers to easily share posts on social networks, i.e. Googlyzer - a handy dashboard for viewing Google Analytics data without leaving the WordPress Admin console. Tony, you have got a very distinctive avatar, but does it conjure up the aura of your band’s genre?
Prepare a list of approximately 20 sentences (140 characters) focusing on Your Band’s lifestyle to help trigger a discussion tomorrow - be elegant.
Keep a record of what you are doing by creating a link directory - it’s another one of those plain text files. Ping when you post - WordPress supports automatic pingbacks (a type of linkback method) where all links in a published article are pinged when the article is published.
Create a short 4 line signature for the bottom of each email you send - include: Your name.
Email your superfans, friends and family (on your mailing list) to join you on all your main social networking platforms, and ask them to evangelise via: Email, FB Likes, Retweets, Tagging, Commenting and Sharing.
Unsigned Band Promotion help musicians and artists to get their websites noticed by fans, search engines and the music industry in half the time they could do it on their own. If you are looking for music html template for your band then here is the great collection. Not only music bands or singers can use these music templates also these templates can be use DJs, Music portals, Recording Studios, Music schools, Music teachers etc. If you are a new band or singer & want to make a community around the web, but havena€™t enough money to spend some bucks for creating your website, you can choose a free music website template for kick start.
We recommend you to purchase a premium template because those have all features that you may need. SoundMaster is a universal music html template which is perfectly suitable for bands, dja€™s, singers or any other related to musical world. If you are looking for a musical or band web app for selling your tracks then Sura will be a great choice. If you want to show your singing talents to the world through online then VibeMusic can be help you.

If you need a stylish & colorful template with unique audio player integration then go with Sunny Kinds.
Night Rock is a beautifully designed responsive html5 css3 bootstrap based music band template. The Primary do have a site, but if your band hasn’t already got one, get it sorted out tonight and over the week ahead and start making your new website famous next weekend!
Then see an aggregated news stream of all the sites you’re trailing - interesting and helpful!
If you don’t understand, read Band promotion for unsigned bands, then shoot me an email for more help. Especially target those within your locale - a group of five should easily be able to assemble a legitimate mailing list of about 400 (ask people first), aim for around 1,500 - 2,000 subscribers - a 2000 subscriber email-shot should be free! Blogging regularly will really get you thinking about your subject and enable you to talk extensively about your music - share generally. Firstly that means, a full and expressive profile, for instance: no lazy egg head twitter avatars, a real avatar is a must. Provide them with interesting material so they can talk about your band, lifestyle and genre. It will boost your popularity and web traffic for a limited time only, but it could be very well worth it!
We have taken lots of time to find some of the best band musician website templates for you.
Sura comes with all of the e-commerce pages that you need while developing your music store. It has html music player, modern playlists, fullscreen gallery, event lists, modular layout & lots more.
Over 20+ html pages included for making every aspect that you want to present through your website. It especially made for artists, singers, professional dja€™s & others that are related to the music world. You can create beautiful galleries with title & short description about the gallery item. Some features are fully responsive design, 5 different home page layouts, radio streaming, audio player & beautiful looking. Everyone who visits your profile will read this, but more importantly, everyone who’s thinking about following you will read it too. Promote your website first over social media profiles; and think about which way the traffic flows to and from your website.
Using the pre-prepared tweets, interact with each other and get into conversation, drawing in other bands use #hashtags. So this is important to create an amazing music website template for singers & music bands.
These templates are fully responsive, elegant & minimal design, beautiful color combination.

Some beautiful & amazing features are included in this template like fullscreen slider, event countdown, google map, contact form ajax powered, sticky menu, smooth scroll etc. Isotope filterable gallery integrated for showcasing musica€™s, events or something else that you think need to show-off amazingly. Some features are Fully responsive design, clean flat UI style, mobile widgets, app layout etc. Your visitors will keep returning and become fans if they are continually entertained (so it’s an ongoing thing). You can search Twitter by using Google (folk rock band Twitter via Google) for some interesting results. Premium revolution slider is packed with Flanger so you can create unlimited attractive & beautiful slideshows with ease. It uses bootstrap framework which ensure responsiveness for giving automatic adaption support for every devices including smartphones.
Your hit count will improve with the quality and quantity of Content, in combination with the quality and quantity of Incoming Links, and Time - it’s not all going to happen overnight!
Most of the person has a favorite music band or a particular singer & they love to hear their songs. 1st one is perfect for above purpose means dja€™s, artists, singers etc & 2nd one is perfect for online radio, record lables, studio recording, events or other music related things. Listeners can listen musica€™s very efficiently & after that can purchased through the e-commerce features. It integrated advance Ajax loading functionalities which means that pages will not reload while visiting other pages. Premium Slider Revolution ($18) you will get with this template for free of charge which lets you create as much as slideshows you want for displaying your contents amazingly.
Lots of great features are available like slider, video, parallax, masonry style & dynamic contact form. Most usable shortcode elements were included such as accordion, tabs, columns, buttons & many more.
With Google map integration a contact page included for communicating with your listeners & sponsors.
Sura has responsive design, your pages will be automatically adapted on all devices including smartphones. Multiple style header, multiple home page, blog layouts, blog category, single post, artist page, album & lots of other pages also included for your building your next music store.

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