Children will enjoy inventing new combinations of shapes and stories, so print and cut out plenty of these to start with. The following pdf contains the directions for each activity as well as a time recording sheet to keep track of the practice sessions.  Be sure to write the upper- and lowercase letters that the student missed at the top of the form as these letters will be used in the teaching activities. The (8) ABC Turtle game is a fun game for practicing letters and sounds.  This activity can be downloaded for free from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.
I’m hoping that this little alphabet bag will quickly help those first graders master their letters and sounds!  Hope you, too, find it helpful with your students. Perhaps if you like the resources then you would consider linking to our page so other parents and teachers can find them as well?
I’m working on one right now for sight words and hopefully will have that posted within a week or two.

Dozens of the most popular relay diagrams created for our site and members all in one place. If the alarm or keyless entry you are installing has a light flash output other than one (with an on board relay) that is connected directly to the parking lamps. I used the noun and verb picture cards from above and held up the card and read the word on the card. As I read this story, I asked the students to think about all the action words the Gingerbread Man does in this story.
Educator Station is not responsible for the content appearing on any of the websites listed in Helpful Teacher Links. Make fun shapes and patterns with children – you can play with these as you would with simple wood blocks, but!

We make all the resources in a very small team in Swansea and it would be nice to share them with more people. The students had to choose either their verb stick or noun stick and hold it up in front of them. If you have any ideas for different resources we could make then please let me know and I will make them for you.

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