How to install windows 7 or windows xp from bootable usb flash drive .Follow this tutorial to know how to make your usb flash drive bootable .
OK , First you must download Rufus tool software from the link below on the end of this article , then you must have windows iso to burn it on usb flash drive through Rufus tool software . 2- Partition system type : choose the first choice (MBR partition scheme for bios or UEFI computers) .

6- Format option : leave it all by default except option (create bootable disk using ) click on the symbol of CD drive then choose your windows ISO from your computer . After we making our usb flash drive bootable , press delete or f2 or f10 when you open your laptop then choose boot sequence options ,make first boot is usb flash drive , you will see the name of your flash like sandisk usb flash drive ,then press f10 then yes .Your laptop will restart then press any key to start your windows 7 installation on your computer .

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