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This heart container looks really sweet and is great for Valentines Day, anniversaries, or other romantic occasions. I'm sure you'll probably figure out the assembly just from looking at the template, but here are some pointers just in case. Cut along all the solid lines, then score along the dashed lines using a butter-knife and ruler. I am afraid of planting because of the chemicals used in pallets but I think the fabric will prevent the chemicals from seeping into the soil.

Might want to leave the bottom open and cultivate the ground soil instead of lining the box completely. I had every intention of starting my garden a month ago, however with the unusually low temperatures in my area this year, we are just now finishing it.
Bring the black landscaping cover over the sides of the grow boxes and put 2x4x8 pieces of wood on the top to finish the box.
If card stock doesn't fit in your printer, then you can print the template onto paper, and then trace it onto some card stock. This will not only keep weeds from getting into your box, but will also keep the dirt from going out through the cracks. Screw these pieces of wood on top to keep the black cover in place and also to give it a solid finish edge to sit on.

My husband decided to use some old pallets that we had laying around to make a  garden grow box. Her interests include camping, motorcycling, boating, photography, reading, cooking, and traveling.

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