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Then lay your strips with the sewn edge up at the top (tape this down if that will help you while braiding) and then split up the strips into 3 on the left side and 2 strips on the right. So, start again from the very beginning and work on the left side again (pics #1-5) and then on the right side again (pics #6-10).
You’ll need to adjust the tightness as you go and may have to tighten individual strips here or there.

I don’t personally use headbands but have very young nieces who do and also make boxes for Operation Christmas Child. Thrift stores are a great place to look if you don’t have any old t-shirts in your closet. I want to make one for myself so badly, but I’m shamefully confused by the 5-strand braid. To see all the details, and more pictures of each item, just click on the title of the item you are interested in. Thanks so much for sharing this cute, cute idea that can be made without any cost involved.
Perfect timing too, I was just going to make a braided headband for my daughter for the 4th, now it’ll be even cuter!

Those store bought ones always squeeze my apparently larger than average head :) making one now for my upcoming camping trip!!
At first I was confused but I realized that the numbers refer to the photos not the strands so hopefully that helps! Kids (5 years old - 5th Grade) attend the 1st part of a worship service and are dismissed to Jr.

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