If you have a site hosted by Host Pond and have an additional domain that you’d like redirected to that site, follow these instructions below.
Log in using the email address with which you had signed up for Host Pond services–this is the same email address at which you receive your monthly Host Pond invoices.
When Live Support is available, you can be getting support from Richard, Clinton, or Megan right in our Portland office with just one click. Whether you are a hosting customer with us or not we invite you to our free intro to WordPress classes where you will follow the steps from installing WordPress to creating and editing pages.
When I switched my blogging platform from Blogger to WordPress, I also transferred my domain hosting service from enom to Bluehost. You can choose a different hosting service, but this article describes the process for Bluehost. To get your domain name and password, log in to your enom DNS account (by going to Google Apps, Dashboard [home page], Domain Names. After Google Support Services responds with the EPP authorization code, enter it on Bluehost.
By adding the MX entries before the domain transfer occurred, my gmail service was never interrupted and I did not lose any of my old mail. UPDATE:  Adam of Think Plan Run, pointed out a new feature on Bluehost that eases this process of handling Google Apps email. When you receive notification via email that the enom to Bluehost transfer occurs (and again mine took 5 days), your website will be down and a Bluehost page will be up in its place.
If you do decide to temporarily redirect your custom domain to your blogspot URL, this would be a good time to remove the redirect from the Blogger side that you presumable set up back when you bought your custom domain. Now you can create a temporary redirect on Bluehost: go to cPanel and look for the Redirects icon under the Domains section on the right-hand side.
If you get stuck at any point while working in Bluehost, don’t be afraid to contact Bluehost support. NOTE: Remember to remove the temporary redirect once your WordPress blog is up and running. This is seriously helpful, the best tutorial I’ve found for moving my domain after already having bought it through blogger!

This post came up this evening and addresses exactly what I am trying to do, including the issue with MX records! Most of these home workout programs focus on plyometrics, calesthenics, yoga, and what they think passes for Martial Arts.
Do you happen to know if you can delete your Google apps account after the domain transfer has been accomlished? Hello there, just became aware of your blog through Google, and found that it is truly informative.
If you haven’t started a blog yet, I would recommend that you go with either WordPress or Blogger. Does this mean that right now your custom domain has been transferred to Bluehost, but you don’t have any content on it so everything is still sitting on blogspot? When you say all of your post pages are broken, what exactly are you doing to get the 404s?
What URL is being pointed at when you hover over a link before you click on it to get a 404 (if that’s what’s happening)?
Submission Guidelines for nanny and au pair articles are here and if you really piss me off, here. I wrote another article that documents the subsequent steps I went through to transfer my blog from Blogger to WordPress.
If you bought your domain through Blogger (aka Google), then you have to request this information from Google Support Services (as opposed to enom). If you can’t find Domain Names, click on Domain Settings then click on Domain Names). Instead of manually adding MX entries from teh Bluehost cPanel, you go through the Google Apps wizard on your Bluehost cPanel (which you’ll find in the Domains section). I pulled my hair out worrying about how, when, and why to do this and it turned out that I never had to do such a thing. Great post, and as soon as my domain is switched I’ll be using your other post about switching content to WordPress! I have been pulling my hair out scouring the internet trying to find an answer to my problem.

I’m afraid I would not have been much help anyway, and I do hope you resolved your issue! I appreciate the update about Google Apps Wizard and will update this article as soon as I get a chance. If you want your old blog up and running for your users to see without interruption, you can temporarily redirect your custom domain (now hosted on Bluehost) to your blogspot blog while you get your WordPress blog set up, or you can leave it down, it’s up to you. When I got on the phone with Bluehost support, they walked me through the step above to do the redirect as a temporary measure while I finished getting my blog set up on WordPress. Keep in mind, however, they are not WordPress support people, they are domain hosting people. I wrote a book about writing better blog posts, written to help you kick it up a notch and make them more engaging.
WordPress would be even better to already have in place should you one day decide to upgrade to a nonfree blog.
I have moved my domain name over to Bluehost and now want to transfer my Blogger blog over to a WordPress site.
Do you believe I should begin with a free site like Open Blog or invest some money into a pay site?
And finally I found this article…not being able to make the switch stumped me so badly that I all but quit for months and months. But now I am gonna start moving the content over using your other post, and I can’t thank you enough. The last thing I want to do was pay a designer to do it because I really want to be self-sufficient, and I am sure they would have charged me an arm and a leg for what turned out to be a not very painful procedure!

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