Since LaTeX can produce outstanding typesetting results and excellent graphics design, I began to wonder if it can recreate certificates.
Regarding the borders, maybe you should have a look at this question, and especially at Altermundus' answer.
The article Mail merge batch generating documents at Malaysian LaTeX User Group blog explains how to produce certificates with datatool package. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site.
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Does anybody know a good source of (free) ornaments, decorations, frames, backgrounds etc.?
The Graduation Poems page is full of words for graduation in the form of rhyming poems, so here's some graduation poetry in free verse. Graduation poetry is given by relatives, friends and others as a form of graduation congratulations. Graduation poems have different kinds of messages, and graduation poetry sometimes offers advice. Please remember, the lyrics to the graduation songs beloware copyrighted, so use our Contact Formto ask permission before you use it.Ita€™s amazing how many people are searching for graduation songs. There are thousands of searches for graduation prayers, graduation blessings and Christian graduation poems, so I wrote this graduation prayer in the form of a free verse inspirational graduation poem.
More graduation poetry: We also have a religious graduation verse for Christians on the Christian Poems page.
Graduation Messages This religious graduation poem advises graduates to always maintain their closeness and obedience to God.
If you are interested in having us make Custom Diplomas for you, or if you want to purchase supplies, feel free to use the e-mail link below to submit questions, or you may call me here in California.
I was scrolling down my news feed, hunting for any interesting news, when I saw this article about a girl who’s Facebook cover photos are just fantastic – and I naturally had to check it out! You also must have seen some cool combinations of cover photos and profile pictures, where the entire design looks like one continuous graphic, whether it was on individual profiles or business pages.
I spent more than an hour going trough various business pages, trying to find any design integrations where the profile picture would be smoothly overlaid on the cover photo.
Other than being a boring design, the profile picture is also slightly larger than it’s supposed to be. At first sight looks perfect, but you can see the design doesn’t match if you click on the cover photo. And kudos to Johnnie Walker Lithuania for an impeccable cover photo and profile picture design. So after a lot of trial an error, I created my own Facebook cover photo template that you can use for your designs too (woop!). As the measurements are the same, you can use it for both individual profiles and Facebook business pages. Before anything else, let’s have a look at why it can be difficult to incorporate the profile picture into your cover photo. As you might already now, the dimensions of a Facebook cover photo are 851x315px (that is, 851 pixels in width by 315 pixels in height). This is exactly why the cover photo template I created is twice as wide than recommended by Facebook, 1702px in width, leaving the cropped out profile picture a 320x320px image. If you followed the steps correctly, you will now have two files: one profile picture (320x320px) and one cover photo (851x315px).
Talking about alignment, I got obsessed with it and, after a few modifications, managed to get it as close as technically possible. I’ve been wanting to do this with my Facebook Page for a while now, and this works really well. Yeah it is a shame, but I guess there’s no easy way to keep that consistency, especially when mobile devices have very different resolutions and layout. Yes, the photo has to be slightly bigger than the blue area, so that it also covers the bottom of the profile picture to make it look seamless.

So you would start by adding some image into the template and move it around, so that entire profile picture and cover photo spaces are filled. Your child can award Dad with one of these fun new diplomas, colouring it in to make it extra special.
What better way to let a mother know she is appreciated than to give her a "World's Best Mum" diploma - especially one coloured in my her little artist! Let your mother know she's the World's Best Mom with this lovely colouring diploma! With so many packages and styles out there does anyone know if there is one to create certificate templates like the following example. I just wanted to illustrate that we can put multiple signatures at the bottom with their role. Note that the MWE use the pdf version (change the extension if you wan to compile with this png). They show two results one with a background figure (like Harish Kumar's example) but another with webomints package. Words for graduation congratulations, messages, sayings, phrases, wishes, sentiments, for cards, letters and notes. This graduation poem should work as a graduation message of congratulation and a happy graduation message as well.
This graduation poem is for parents or other close relatives to give to the graduate as words for graduation in a greeting card message. This inspirational graduation poem in free verse is a graduation verse with some good suggestions. Here is graduation invitation wording in the form of a graduation poem, to invite people to the graduation ceremony.
Graduation poems set to music become graduation day songs, so Ia€™ve set this graduation poem to the lovely and easy-to-sing melody of "Morning Has Broken" to make it into a graduation song with lyric."Morning Has Broken," an old hymn you can find in most Protestant hymn books (along with "God Of The Ages," which is set to the same melody), was made into a huge pop hit by Cat Stevens. There are more than 800 poems at this site.Always remember to check out our SITE MAPto access all of our greeting card poems.Thanks for reading our graduation poetry!
Or, tell the world your thoughts and feelings about your graduation or the graduation of a loved one.
Naturally, you might think that all the biggest brands would be eager to create something as epic as the example above, right?
And even from those few that I found, the majority couldn’t get the exact layout just right.
By the end of it you will know exactly how to create a stunning cover photo that blends seamlessly with the profile picture.
However, the profile picture has to be uploaded as at least a 180x180px image that will then be shrunk to 160x160px. Use the frame as a guideline on how it will appear on your Facebook page and adjust the photo the way you like it. Press and hold the CTRL button (or Command on Mac) and click on the shape to load the selection of the profile picture (more precise than just using the crop tool). Before saving the cover photo you just need to edit the image size and that will solve the issue! Does my cover photo need to be higher than the blue area so it can cover the bottom line of the profile pic? You would then cut out the profile picture (the black area) and the cover photo (the blue are). You need Adobe Photoshop to edit the document (or some other software that can read .psd files). However it would seem that Facebook has changed either the dimensions or the way it displays the profile picture on the cover photo, so it no longer aligns properly.
Here's a college graduation poem that could go with a graduation gift or as a graduation greeting card wish, a special graduation message. You could use these graduation words of wisdom as a greeting card message, saying or wish, or with a graduation gift. The melody, which is a traditional Gaelic melody, is in the public domain, BUT, the arrangements of it, that is, the harmony parts and accompaniment, are often copyrighted.

So I wrote a rhyming graduation verse and turned it into this graduation song with lyric appropriate for high school or college. In addition to our diploma services we sell the materials so that you can make beautiful certificates and diplomas yourself.
Did you make sure that you applied the transformation changes by clicking on the check-mark in the menu bar and made a selection of the area first?
I tried to check if it is also disabled from the time I opened my PhotoShop, so I closed PS and re-opened, then I realized that Crop has been disabled even before I re-opened your file.
If I replace only the blue area with my content, then I will end up with a black line on the bottom of the profile pic.
Finally, the cover photo will have to be shrinked to 851x315px to match the exact dimensions.
I am working on a banner for a client and will post the link if he decides for the seamless version. Adding the image can be as simple as dragging and dropping it to the worksheet form your folder. I will try again because I know it’s something I am doing but am not seeing what it is. It appears the cover image shows as darker than the profile pic image now too so it would be very difficult to match them anyway. Would it be possible to update the tutorial and the template to match the current FB display methods?
If you want a fancy and modern border use the braids package or you can do one with TikZ (note the modern trend is not to use a fancy border).
These graduation verses, songs, and prayer provide the perfect words for graduation congratulation. Inspirational graduation poems containing encouragement and graduation advice are always welcome as greeting card sayings. Some people like to send graduation letters or notes instead of a card, and these graduation phrases could be used for those purposes as well. If you cana€™t find an arrangement that isna€™t copyrighted, your music department can create an arrangement, or you can seek permission to use a copyrighted arrangement you find.High school graduation poems, wishes and card sayings can be set to music. This graduation poem has uplifting words for graduation that would be perfect with a graduation gift or card. This kindergarten graduation poem, with its simple graduation phrases, could also be a preschool graduation poem. A famous hymn lyric was set to this melody, so you can find the music in any Protestant hymnal. The business page I am trying to do this for does not have a logo that fits the FB dimensions, so there is not much else we can do with that space.
Graduation poetry often has a message, so this graduation poem does that, and you could use it as a greeting card saying.
This graduation card verse is designed for the standout graduate, or it could be graduation poetry for any graduate you view as outstanding in any way, as graduation congratulations. What is Christian faith?To see the answers and find out how to become a Christian,check out this Web site. A  It's just ONE of the Many options you have to homeschool it's NOT the ONLY ONE nor is it MANDATORY!!! Ita€™s set the melody of the song "The Farmer in the Dell." Where it says, "insert grade," put "kinder" (for kindergarten) or "first grade" or whatever applies.
A  It's just ONE of the Many options you have to homeschool it's NOT the ONLY ONE nor is it MANDATORY!!!

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