Website X5 allows you to choose among 1.500 different templates if you like or you can create your very own template design right from scratch, by working on alignments, colors, images and so on. You are entirely free to create you own sitemap: you can add the pages you prefer, change them or delete them. All these options can be completed with strategic features such as Engine Optimization tools, Social Networks plugins, Feed RSS.

Last but not least, you can take advantage of a Webhosting service without additional costs.
Moreover, you can find Mobile-oriented templates, that belong to the “Mobile Template Collection”: they are layouts that have been added into the gallery of preset templates of Website X5 Evolution 10. You can insert texts, charts, images, galleries, videos (you can also upload videos from Youtube), maps (using Google Maps), contact forms and registration forms.

You can register your domain free for 1 year and you have 30 GB included in the offer.  Technical assistance, customized e-mails and the access to Cloud Drive for different functions (for example the data backup) is included.

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