Once you get yourself out there and begin pursuing acting career, one of your goals will be to get signed by a talent agent. Acting agents might be one of the most discussed topics among actors on the Internet today.
If you’re a fairly new actor with little professional credits, your best bet would be to find smaller and younger agencies which still have connections within the industry. Alternatively, if you believe to be getting a certain amount of acting work and you’re in one of the major cities, then a different approach would be finding a personal manager first. Getting a manager is slightly easier, but you’ll have to pay them 15% of your every paycheck. Staying in touch or contacting them for the first time requires some understanding on your part.
At the time when you do contact them about your submission, response, jobs, anything else — be short and concise. When you’re approaching acting agents through emails (preferred way), hoping for them to respond to you, avoid being overly pushy. About Us Acting in London is a FREE online resource for aspiring creatives anywhere in the world. Activities and interests: include things that will help you stand out, like that you speak other languages (speaking Spanish is a major plus!), gymnastics, underwater basket-weaving. If you know what agency you want to represent you, you could ask them for a template or to look over what you have.
I’m a small time talent model with Helen Wells Agency but I want to do more and I need to learn how to do that and creating a resume that gets noticed.
List any union affiliations, such as SAG (Screen Actors Guild), AFTRA (American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) and AEA (Actors' Equity Association), underneath your name. Your resume should fit on the back of your head shot so you need to cut the paper down to an 8x10 size.
It make take some time in show business, but building an acting resume is extremely important. An acting resume is a basic marketing tool that's essential if you want to be a professional in the entertainment industry. This begs the question, how to approach acting agents and ensure that you make a good impression, possibly score a meeting and even get signed.

Everybody wants to know how to get one and get signed by one of the best acting agencies out there, and rightfully so.
Today, let’s talk about how you should be approaching one of those scary acting agents with the key to the gates of success. However, the advantage of having a personal manager is that most of them have connections and can get you in the door of acting agents more easily than if you would try to do this on your own.
Talent agencies are looking for ways how to make money of their talent, so make sure you let them know that you will be of benefit to that agency.
We provide detailed articles on acting craft and career; information on showbiz, filmmaking, screenwriting and other creative fields.
There are things you have done that would probably be appropriate for a talent resume even if you haven’t been on a runway. If you are just beginning, you need to really rack your brain for things in your life that you think would apply to the industry, like, did you do skits for church camp? If you haven’t gotten that far and are headed to your first meeting with an agency, check out their website and see what their talent has available online and make yours similar. I’m looking for an agency that is honest and that will work with me on everything and get me to where I need to be. You can use the same professional acting resume for any audition, whether it is a commercial, theatrical, film or television audition. Most agencies will have a sticker or template you can use that includes their name, logo, address, phone and fax numbers and email address. If you are in New York, you should list your film credits first, followed by your film and television credits. For television, you should write the name of the show, then the type of role you had (SAG television roles are classified as Co-star, Guest-star, Recurring and Series Regular.
You should list the name of the school or teacher as well as the type of training you received there. If you don't have an agent or manager, your phone number and email address are sufficient contact information. While this might not speed up your career significantly, getting an agent’s attention is a big step forward on this journey of yours. If you are in Los Angeles, New York or London (or any other major city), you can easily find at least 15 of such agencies just by using Google.

It all depends on how marketable you currently are, how strong are your credits and training, and how lucky you get.
In the case for talent resumes, go to agency websites to see what other talent have on theirs, and then copy it – with your information. AFTRA television roles are classified as Under 5, Day Player, Recurring and Principal), and finally the network the show is on as well as the director of the episode(s) you were in. You can also print directly on the back of your head shot if the paper and your printer allows for it. Some of them might be just a waste of time or even a scam where they’ll try to get you pay for workshops and headshots.
If you don’t have ANY of these types of things, and you are very young, you could just include a list of your statistics, well formatted, and your activities and interests. These items should be listed at the top of the resume, beneath your name, unions and contact information. Use a sub-heading to separate these sections so the reader clearly knows the medium of each credit. For film, you should list the type of role (Starring, Supporting or Featured), then the studio or production company that made the film and finally, the director of the film. Include any musical instruments you play, sports you perform well, singing ability and just about anything else that is pertinent. If you are in your late-teens or are an adult, you can probably use your non-modeling work experiences to fill in the blank areas. For theater, you should list the name of the play, the name of the role you played, the theater where it was performed as well as the director. I had a two year old come into my office (with his mother of course, although a two year old walking into a talent office alone is pretty funny) with a four-page resume!
It’ll make industry people roll their eyes and miss all of the wonderful information that you have to offer.

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