Publisher used to be a powerful, business desktop publishing application in its own right, but since it became part of the Office suite it has languished, with only minor improvements to its functionality. Click on WordArt in the Publisher toolbox and the same tired old Thunderbirds-style designs are on offer, giving your publication all the style and immediacy of a Showaddywaddy tribute.
At long last Publisher can produce a PDF documents natively, without the need for third-party converters, but even this is an Office-wide improvement, rather than something added specifically to improve Publisher. There are some enhancements in Publisher 2007, such as support for Pantone colour matching and an ability to print banners, if your printer supports them, without having to tile individual pages. The opening screen has also been rewritten, offering you easier selection of templates and page sizes from your documents. Both the mail merge and e-mail assistants have been improved and simplified, but in comparison with the changes that have been made elsewhere in Office 2007 all this is pretty meagre fare.
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Prince's has started its collaboration with Delta Senior School (APSN) in 2007, where we have initially provided Horticultural Training in our nursery for students.

In order to enhance the productivity of our PWDs, we have put up a Horticulture Training Program for students from Delta Senior School, took part in the Job Re-design Project wherein we continuously develop a program for Effective Strategies in Teaching PWDs, and created an active mentorship program where we provide Excellent Employee Awards to productive students.
Engaging in this aspiration is a formidable task, but with the strong support and participation of DSS psychologists and staff, parents, and students, the good feeling of helping remains.
We have proven that despite their limitations, they are fully capable of horticulture works such as watering, pruning, weeding, and other tasks.
Please feel free to drop us a note should you wish to find out more about our products and services. While it's still a very able tool, it hasn't had the kind of investment some of its rivals or some siblings have enjoyed. There's no Ribbon here, to make the design of pages easier and more intuitive, no Live Preview to show how potential changes will look in your documents and certainly none of the new facilities from PowerPoint. As with all the other Office applications, Microsoft's XPS document format is also supported. You can better target e-mails to your customers and include personalised hyperlinks to steer them to specific pages which may interest them and benefit you.

Templates are better used in general and you can re-purpose some designs from one type of document to another, such as from a business card to a return label. It all smacks of being a ‘Publisher 2005’, about halfway through its upgrade cycle and popped into the box because the new Office 2007 had to be launched. From one student in our pilot year, we are humbled that participation has grown to seven students as of today.
Recruitment drives at DSS has also equipped both parents and students of realising their full potential in the landscape industry. Given the right training and mentorship, our PWDs can help contribute to the progress of both the company and the industry as a whole. With this effort, together with Delta Senior School, we can assure and persuade clients that PWDs' performance may be even matched up to normal workers.

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