I’m sure you all already know what to wear for the upcoming holiday season but I thought to share my favourite picks anyway.
I have been looking forward to the opening of the first Mac temporary store in the Benelux. You said 2x6 would span 20' then you changed to 2x12, where are you coming up with these numbers?
I corrected my mistake, 2x6's will not span the load, that would be why I changed my advise. Florida has the strictest standards for getting a contractors license of all 50 states, it appears we may also have the strictest standards for construction as well. Other than right at the ends and center to carry the opener track and spring load, is there any real reason everyone seems to want to construct a solid, heavy beam all the way across this span?
In the writing, characteristically, the "novella" acquired a deeper, more urgent and epic life, and grew into a full-length novel. After I abandoned the novella form, I created an "epic" form to accommodate the complexities of the life.
What led you to choose this unusual point of view, "a posthumous narration" by Norma Jeane herself? At 1,400 pages, the novel had to be cut, and some sections, surgically removed from the manuscript, will be published independently.

With a novel of such length, it was necessary to keep the narrative voice consistent and fluid. I tend to favour shimmers, glitters, red lipsticks, just a bit more drama in general these days because we can! You know you sometimes see really pretty eye liners, but think ‘hmm, not sure if I can wear them because the colour might be too light’?
Today I will be reviewing their latest new mascara Scandaleyes and their waterproof gel eyeliner. Petersburg, FL Minds of moderate caliber ordinarily condemn everything which is beyond their range.
It was my intention to create a female portrait as emblematic of her time and place as Emma Bovary was of hers. Rights have been sold, according to my agent, to "nearly all languages" except Japanese where, if the novel were to be translated it would grow again by between one-third and one-half in length. I was continually going back and rewriting, and when I entered the last phase of about 200 pages, I began simultaneously to rewrite the novel from the first page to about page 300, to assure this consistency of voice. I must say that I was kind of scared of getting lost because I was by train, but it’s actually very easy to find.
Blonde, an imaginative retelling of the Marilyn myth, if often hailed as Joyce Carol Oates' masterpiece.

For days I felt an almost rapturous sense of excitement, that I might give life to this lost, lone girl, whom the iconic consumer-product "Marilyn Monroe" would soon overwhelm and obliterate. A young girl, born into poverty, cast off by her father and eventually by her mother, who, as in a fairy tale, becomes an iconic "Fair Princess" and is posthumously celebrated as "The Sex Symbol of the 20th Century," making millions of dollars for other people—it's just too sad, too ironic. If you follow me you'll notice lots and lots of make-up, lipsticks, nail polish and the occasional cute kitteh here and there! In your advise what good would it be to consult a span table - if an engineer has to stamp the plans, anyway. In your advise what could would it be to consult a span table - if an engineer has to stamp the plans. Celestial Timepiece, the Joyce Carol Oates homepage, is hosting a fascinating interview with the author by Greg Johnson, in which she discusses its inception. I'd planned a 175-page novella, and the last line would have been "Marilyn Monroe." The mode of storytelling would have been fairytalelike, as poetic as I could make appropriate.

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