Holiday MashUp: where I lure you in with an abundance of sparkly Christmas stuff, but then discuss the prevalence of luxury-home blogs. When we moved here, all of a sudden I was tasked with juggling the design of renovating an entire house.
Obviously this is stupid and speaks to my absolute dearth of knowledge about anything house-related.
After our move, and my self-appointment as captain of incessant decision-making… It didn’t take long for me to morph into someone who spent ALL their free time looking at house-stuff on the internet.  Which?
A good blog is like finding the exact friend you need right at that moment… Someone who WANTS to hear all about grout width. Despite the fact that my favorite blogs were like reading something that could have come out of my own head?
Despite the fact that I do not think chevron is important, or believe that anything equestrian-related belongs in your home. Despite the fact that I cannot imagine the posturing involved in reupholstering your sofa with antique linen recovered from the basement of an Irish convent. Despite the fact that I do not wear Tory Burch, or kitten heels, or Capri pants, or wax my eyebrows, or have tow-headed children, or drive a Mercedes, or vacation in Palm Beach? Something about that lush, hyper-decorated corner of the internet sets off my competition-alarm like nothing else.
I will stop dressing like a homeless person.  I will throw away my old sweatpants and ratty t-shirts and wear Kate Spade at all times, even at eight o’clock on a Saturday morning. Except—oh my God.  Do you have any idea how many other people have already thought of that?  Jesus.  Why are there SO MANY other blogs?  Don’t you people have anything better to do? For about three months, I toiled under the delusion that soon, everyone on the internet was going to find me. Which has kind of worried me in the last few years…  Crossing the threshold to thirty, without having a hit single or sleeping with Channing Tatum was eye-opening.  How had I failed to do the really important things in life?
But I guess it wasn’t really THAT eye-opening since I made it another five years before realizing that I was officially no longer on the list where somehow you just randomly get famous.  I think the cutoff is thirty-two. I texted Slim Paley: you’d better just pack it in, lady… there’s a newer, slimmer, paler blogger in town. And?  It turns out that I can’t even muster the mental-energy to tell you where I got my bathroom sink faucets.  Let alone feature someone else’s vintage luggage collection. Or care about a million-dollar kitchen that’s already been featured ten-thousand other places because the entire thing, including the trash can, is made out of pure marble.

However?  I could write you a ten-page essay on the ways that a house remodel becomes an extreme, marriage Petri dish. I could also write you a ten-page essay on how much I love my cat… which you can look forward to, at some point in the future. And how, in my ongoing efforts to add idiocy on top of idiocy and never think anything through… I gave him extra, to reward the almost unbelievable turn of events. A-write 9 pages about a topic that is not even remotely search-engine friendly, so that maybe a few people will read it?
B- edit those pages down to no more than five, so that the few people who DO read it, do not abandon you halfway through?
C- apply some element of writing 101 where you have a plot, an arc, a beginning, a conclusion?
But, those that visit YOUR remodeled home online are vastly entertained and that’s worth a lot. And how you always capture the essence of what crazy thoughts we are thinking when we do these crazy things–did I mention how every unnecessary purchase can now be justified by the fact of how the results can be posted on said aspirational blog? Thank you for acknowledging my play on slimmer, paler… it is probably the height of all possible wittiness and I should just stop now. I was nervous that this was leading to you telling us, your loyal readers (including most of my friends who wait to comment on my blog until after you’ve commented because they love to read what you write) that you were leaving us. I am living a renovation nightmare, too, and also had the brilliantly unoriginal thought to blog about it. My blog is no big hit (I keep it up mostly so my parents can see the progress) but my only advice is to keep doing what you’re doing. Found myself some baby disco balls, but hope to find some larger ones for a good deal after Christmas. Well… you can always just staple them to your living room ceiling and sit around with a flashlight.
Never found any large ones, but ended up tying the small ones to the end of my fan chain in the kitchen. I do absolutely love the people who read my blog… it’s the people who aren’t reading it that I have a problem with. I can’t even haul out my tree yet because I have to mud, sand, and paint my dining room first. I appreciate the compliment—however, I know for a fact that ANYTHING is more interesting than sanding.

Step 6: Adding feathers to the arrowFeathers are used on the base of the arrow to make the arrow spin during flight, which made it more accurate. Step 7: How to use your bow and arrowIn the movies they make shooting a bow and arrow look like a piece of cake, but its not!
So, having just read this, I am freshly motivated to do whatever-the-h*## obsessive-crazy quirk-induced stuff I want, ALL DAY.
I haven’t slept with Channing Tatum yet either… seriously what is wrong with me?
I suppose in an emergency situation you could slit the innertube into strips and braid them.
It is very simple in design, and could be made from things almost everyone has.Longbows were ideally made from yew, Italian yew being the best, but white woods elm, ash, and hazel were commonly used due to availability. I'm a freshman in college at California Polytechnic State University, majoring in Aerospace engineering. You could also run the rubber through the holes and wrap them around a stick if you didn’t have eyelets, though the rubber would wear though after a while.
Must have been an alloy frame, because he said he used it as a shield against the attacking bear. Longbows were often built to be as tall as the archer and a well made bow could shoot well in excess of 300 yards (275 meters) using flight arrows.
A longbow archer could shoot up to 12 arrows per minute as a crossbow man could only fire up to three. It was so terrible… he was part of our family, and every Christmas since then, I’ve been sad not to see him sleeping under the tree. I like that you’re unafraid of hanging an inordinate amount of disco balls on your front porch. I also share a instructable similar to this, but use fiberglass,wood,leather as the material.

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