Lego Batman 3 is an action open world game developed by TT Games and is an istallment in the Lego franchise.Like it's predacessor, the game includes an open world, voice acting and also has characters outside of the Batman characters. After Gotham is cleaned up by Batman and the Justice League, they decide to hang around for a while. Deadman: Flight, invisibillity, posses enemies, Black and White Lantern rings bring back defeated enemies that does whatever he tells them to do.
Vixen: flight, super strength, can swim in deep water, super speed, wall climbing, Venom spit, Body armor, can go through fire and ice. Each character has an attack, a ranged attack, a weapon and a specific skill exclusive to that character.

It consists of Nintendo locations.He goes there and makes a deal with the Nintendo villains.
He then brakes the villains, including the villains fought by discovering them in Lego Batman 2, out of Arkham Asylum. The player still activates them to show a villain in that area where they are hiding, spawns vehicles, shows them a map and new to the series, buy new skills and powers using studs for the characters.
Batman and the Justice League have to team up with Nintendo heroes to take Braniac and the Nintendo villains down.
Once their defeated in the open world, you buy them, then they are arrested.Heroes(that you don't unlock during the story) can be bought by doing a side quest, saving them or helping them defeat a villain.

The hero side quests include stopping a robbery, stopping a gang war,defeating villains or rescuing citizens.Villain side quests include taking part in a robbery, starting a gang war and causing panic.

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