Whether you are in a quiet waiting room or a bustling restaurant, people around are mostly glued to their cell phones.
AdsDon’t fill the page with ads on either your mobile or main website.ApplicationsIf you have a large user base, create a dedicated application that targets a variety of mobile interfaces. There are several free to use tools, which help you to generate mobile version of a website. Within the next five years, “More users will connect to the internet over mobile devices than desktop PCs,” says Morgan Stanley’s analyst Mary Meeker. If you make an app for specific handsets, then you don’t have to worry about fancy scripts, and you can enhance the application your own way.Page SizeWhen assigning a style to a mobile website, keep it simple and keep page sizes small. With growing number of consumers browsing through web pages using their smart phones, it’s crucial for you to make your website accessible to these potential customers. The maximum page size for a mobile page is 25 KB, so make everything fit, and use fewer than 10 KB if possible. Since they are free to use and require no programming or HTML coding knowledge, hence anyone can take benefit from them. Therefore, beginners choose any of these tools to create a mobile version of their website. However, each of these tools has its own limitation, but still they are a good way to start with the idea. It will make sure that you can create mobile version of your website and continue with publishing the mobile website.OnbileOnbile is another interesting option for those, who are looking for a tool to publish the mobile version of their website. Traditional websites are set up for traditional web browsers, and mobile devices do not have the same browsers or capabilities; mobile devices are small, have different shapes and sizes and might be unable to display regular websites.
The engaging and easy-to-handle user-interface helps you to cut and paste a custom generated script.
For a price of zero bucks, it has everything you could ask for.Official LinkMobifyMobify provides a quick way to optimize a website for mobile access. The desktop version of your business website, e-store or blog is adequate when it is opened in the desktop monitor or laptop screen.
A mobile website can help accomplish this goal.Obviously, having a great website is a priority for every business. Publishers, web designers and bloggers use Mobify to design visually engaging and usable mobile layouts for their existing websites.Official LinkMowserMowser mobilizes the web by taking HTML pages normally viewed on a PC and adapting them for mobile phones.
There are several web & mobile software development solutions offering advanced line of solutions.

Be proactive, and get ahead of the competition by creating a mobile version of your website; it’s truly the future of business online!If you’re still not convinced, then read through the rest of this post. During the translation process, Mowser converts the page in a predictable, linear manner (details of which can be found on the dev.mobi).
Therefore, you need to have a mobile version of your website to strengthen your web presence by offering ease of access to your targeted customers to your website.What if you continue without a mobile website?If you plan to continue without mobile version of your website then your targeted visitors may find it uncomfortable to surf through your website via their mobile devices.
They provide you altered solutions to create mobile version of your website and make it effectively present to access via different mobile screens. To ensure that the highest quality and most useful web page is displayed on a mobile device, Mowser might alter images, text formatting or certain aspects of a page’s functionality or forward to the visitor to a mobile version if one exists.Official LinkWirenodeWirenode is a very basic mobile-website creation tool. It is automatic for the internet users to prefer a mobile website over the desktop version of a website while they access it on the go.
There are various expert solution providers, empowered with latest technology and innovative approach, such as Itransition.By using the best of these different methods, you can create an intuitive web presence, helping your visitors to experience quick and smart mobile surfing to your website content. The web market is growing and expanding, and while traditional web browsers are still in use, they’re being used on mobile devices more than on computers.Is There a Lesson to Be Learned?Well, if you’re using a Flash-based design and you don’t have a mobile version of your website, chances are you’re already experiencing some trouble. Customization options are limited; Wirenode offers some pre-made templates and allows some minor modifications (like for font color and background color).
This emerges as a positive sign of growth for your competitors and you may just lack behind in the competition.
Your mobile visitors are probably not seeing the whole website.If your website is graphically heavy or uses multimedia or programming functionality, it will not perform well on mobile devices. Hence, if you aim to have more & more people browsing your website then it is important that you are available on all platforms with suitable versions of your web presence. Having a mobile version for your website is the beginning to new growth opportunities for your business.How to create mobile version of your website? Instant Mobilizer resizes images, reformats text and inserts other mobile-friendly features to ensure that your website works on any phone.Official LinkMippinMippin is another tool that turns an RSS feed into a mobile website. Just supply the URL and it will optimize the website for viewing on mobile phones by removing the header and ads and resizing all image content. With these features, it automatically resizes images and splits articles or posts into multiple pages. It is specially developed for iPhone and iPod Touch browsers, and it supports most other mobile browsers at a basic level. Ensuring that your key content is accessible now will help you get the traffic you want in future.

Reply Safi December 22, 2010Nice collection, will give some a try thanks Reply muslimgirls December 25, 2010beautiful article great information to learn about mobile websites Reply Cgbaran December 28, 2010Great article thanks. Reply Rakesh Kumar December 30, 2010I am little confuse that which app should i use for my blog to turn into mobile version because all are best. Reply Sean January 2, 2011I’d like to know where you heard that the maximum page size for a mobile page is 25 KB. Does the phone explode?There are no hard and fast rules to page and file size on mobile devices.
Each project should take into consideration the devices and networks their audience are on and use that as a guide. And you will have better control over viewport switching (portrait to landscape) by using the CSS3 multi-column layout module.
Reply Robert Janeczek January 11, 2011There should be one more entry on the list of tools for automated mobilization. Hopefully it will get it’s place in next revision of this useful post ?? Reply Fredrik January 21, 2011anyone have any idea of a great wp-theme for android phones? Just wondering if having a mobile.css and javascript to detect the mobile device and call the mobile.css is a good alternative to having a mobile specific website? Everytime we upgrade our mobile engine your sites is automatically updated, you can also integrate your ads (google adsense for example) and analytics to be mobile-friendly. Reply Design website for mobile device April 11, 2011Really super blog to readers,everyone can motivate from this blog. Reply Olof Charles November 9, 2011There are also several other ways to create a mobile version of your traditional website. Just like me, I’m a photographer with a bit of knowledge on CSS and HTML, I was able to create on my own a mobile version of my business website by using mobile CMS providers.
When it comes to consumers, all they need to know when they come look for you is your contact details and address of your establishment or enterprise.
Given that a large chunk of mobile use is related to local search it’s staggering that so few restaurants are aware of their invisibility to local customers. More and more people now spend time on mobile, thus having a mobile design can help to boost your sales.

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