Just like other Office 2010 suite applications, PowerPoint also includes an option to Mark the Document (Presentation) As Final. A message box will pop-up, showing the message that your presentation has been marked as final.
As stated earlier, you can modify the document by hitting the Edit Anyway button, but selecting this option disables the Mark as Final feature’s prompt, and you need to manually mark the document as final to discourage further editing. AddictiveTips is a tech blog focused on helping users find simple solutions to their everyday problems.
TweetScoop.itThis article will explain how to design a simple but useful wheel diagram with multiple layers.
Let’s see how to make a wheel chart template or wheel diagram template so you can use it in your PowerPoint presentations or PPTs. First, we can start drawing a few circles for each level of information that we want to show using the shape tools in PowerPoint. Duplicate the circle many times (3 times for example) and then modify the yellow diamond to match the design above.
And here is the final result for a wheel diagram in PowerPoint that you can use in your PowerPoint templates. If you want to download other free wheel PPT templates and diagrams for your presentations, you may consider to browse our free collection of PPT diagrams and charts for businesses. You can download this free sample template, with rainbow colors and we will show you how to change the page options in PowerPoint 2010 to match the new resolution. If you notice any difference in your final presentation, you may try to change the background offset. As you can see, it is possible to add negative values which will stretch the background beyond the borders. Finally, if you need ready made templates for widescreen TV then you can consider to download our free widescreen PowerPoint templates that are available from this site.

TweetScoop.itHalloween is synonymous of witches, ghosts and pumpkins, so if you need to make a Halloween presentation here we will show you how to do it using shapes.
When you are done with the ghost tracing in PowerPoint, you can select the final shape and start applying special effects.
Then you can also apply a Shadow (right click to enter Format Shape) and choose a shadow style. If you are looking for free Halloween PowerPoint templates and other ghost images for your PowerPoint presentations on Halloween, don’t forget to check our special category with lot of free designs and scary images.
Moreover, you can ungroup these shapes and modify the illustrations to match other gestures or expressions. Here we will show you how to change the background in PowerPoint 2010 to make your PPT templates more elegant. This feature tells the document reviewers that all the changes have been made, and it’s now ready for publishing or post-processing operations. We review the best desktop, mobile and web apps and services out there, in addition to useful tips and guides for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. You can use this kind of PowerPoint diagrams as a visualization tool for your presentation reports or dashboards, but also to combine the design with other similar visualizations like steering wheel. Often, the templates you download from this website are prepared for 4:3 resolution but you can easily change the final resolution of the slideshow. This is very nice to remove portion of the slide design or adjust the background to the new resolution.
You can choose between green, blue or orange color, but we also have a business widescreen template or you can learn how to change the PPT aspect ratio. Shapes are a powerful feature in PowerPoint 2010 that enables us to make awesome slide designs. You can do this using your art skills or if you are not good drawing by hand then you can copy and paste an image with a ghost shape from Google Images and then trace in PowerPoint.

Browse ghost cliparts from the right cliparts pane in PowerPoint and find illustrations like the following.
However, there is a collection of predefined styles that you can choose from to make awesome backgrounds with a few clicks.
Once you picked a great background for your presentation, you can click on the Colors menu and choose a color scheme that fits better in your presentation background.
It’s recommended that you should always check each section of the document before marking it as final. You can move to front or back in order to make it look like in the picture, and change the color for the three pieces of information.
Alternatively you may consider to download free widescreen templates that are also available here with blue, orange and green colors.
You can also use this technique if for any reason you want to remove our brand name from the slide. We can do lot of things with shapes, for example apply set operations like union, subtract, or apply other styles and effects like shadows, gradients, border colors, etc.
If your work involves dealing with a multitude of documents, we recommend thoroughly checking each document section, so that you can mark them as final and send them to your co-workers. It is also good to know that the new version of Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 or even the PowerPoint Web App is equipped by default with widescreen templates. Although this feature is included to discourage editing, Poweroint, like Word and Excel, allows you to re-enable editing even if you’ve marked the document as Final.

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