Business in the presentation can really bring some fruitful results if you make the most of the opportunity. As an Office user, if you want to protect Office file, such as PowerPoint 2016 presentation from unwilling opening or editing, it is necessary to set a password to encrypt it and restrict editing on it.
But even only one computer can be used in WAN, can you take Office Password Genius Advanced to recover PowerPoint 2016 presentation password. While you launch Office Password Genius Advanced after installation, a dialog appears which requires you to type an email to login. After you click Start button, iSunshare Peer on all computers will run to recover PowerPoint password, if nothing is wrong. If you have opened encrypted PPTX presentation you want to edit, it would be easy to make read-only presentation editable. While it is restricted edit, there would be pop-up information called MARKED AS FINAL on the top side of PowerPoint edit page.
I rarely accept guest posts on this blog, but when I do it has to be totally unique content that I haven’t touched on before and it must be presented in a way that can help those in the SPI community who want to try something new and take action. I feel like 2012 will really be the year that bloggers start to truly understand the importance and usefulness of creating content in different mediums and formats to grow their presence online.
Old posts & new content can come alive in the form of free guides, videos, and even hour long podcasts. The biggest potential I saw with the SlideShare platform was with how well they treated their top presentations. I had seen presentations hit the tens of thousands of views after being featured there, so in order to have a big impact on my traffic, I knew that’s where I wanted to be.
I honestly couldn’t believe it when I got the email notifying me that I had been featured, along another email letting me know my presentation had passed 10,000 views already.
Yup, a simple collection of 11 slides landed me on the front page of a major website, got me over 19,000+ views (at this very moment) of my presentation, and sent me over 2,000 unique visitors, all for less than an hour’s worth of time. But enough about that, let’s talk about how you can crush it on SlideShare, and maybe even make the homepage yourself! With SlideShare, as with YouTube, you must cater to your audience and to the platform if you want to succeed. On both Smart Passive Income and my site Sparring Mind, there is no hiding of the fact that some posts can reach up to 2-3000+ words in length.
Sometimes, these posts can take a while to read, and you’ll often see commentors talking about bookmarking them to return to later. Almost 100,000 views and nearly 8,000 tweets: proof positive that you can get some incredible views on SlideShare. I had to do that when I realized that I spelled the name of my site wrong on the last slide the first time I uploaded, D’oh!
You can often find free PowerPoint templates created by designers given away as freebies, such as the Wrap Template by Collis Ta’heed or the Wooden Template by WorkAwesome.
By far the best templates I’ve seen (although they cost a few dollars) are from Graphic River. It might take a little digging around (and $10+ or so), but you can find some real beauties in this selection, some really amazing stuff for the price, especially if you are going to be using them for more than one presentation (which you definitely should, most of them have a ton of different slide formats). This is where I obtained my presentation template for my first SlideShare upload, and better yet, I paid for it with my earnings from GraphicRiver’s awesome affiliate program.
Meanwhile, a $12 PowerPoint template that you can re-use multiple times is all you need for SlideShare, and it takes much less time. Your title slide can seem like a small detail, but can play a vital role in garnering more views for you presentation, especially if it hits anywhere on the homepage. If you take a look at YouTubes highest viewed videos, that joke is actually spot on: videos with unusual thumbnails gets TONS of views… just because!
Bold colors, big text, and interesting images are the way to go, and are definitely a common element among the top presentations on SlideShare. Is it any surprise then, that is is one of the most popular presentations of all time on SlideShare?
Now that we know what works on SlideShare, it was easy to predict that this one was going to be a smash hit. You obviously need to keep your content concise in this content form, captions don’t allow for 2000+ word blog posts, but they do allow for you to get out quick, essential information that will be easily remembered when paired with a powerful image.

Sounds similar to the tactic above, and really only has one key difference: the image and the corresponding text are to be on different slides. So you would have an intriguing image first, followed by text explaining or elaborating on the image. Having the image comes first also build anticipation: what is the next slide going to be about?
Don’t approach a presentation as a all out assault on a broad topic, pick a battle with a sub-topic and conquer it. Make a presentation on the physical effects a vegetarian diet has on folks who were not formerly vegetarians. You can copy their techniques for generating viral slideshows by observing who creates this type of content and what types of content they create.
Hell, Mashable had an article about YouTube tricks get 4000 Twitter shares and it wasn’t much more than a dinky slideshow! Forbes, which I’m sure you’ve heard of, relies on slideshows for some of their most important content! Maybe when Pat makes the next list, you all will start noticing the rampant use of slideshows on tons of big sites ;). Now, maybe for those of you like Pat who have 30,000+ RSS subscribers in the ranks ready to support whatever content you post don’t have this kind of problem, but most of us do and it can be a real uphill battle to overcome it. There are plenty of blogs out there with large audiences, and how many guest posters do you see using different forms of media in their guest posts? So, you not only get the benefit of getting more exposure for your video, audio, or slideshow content, but you also get to stand out as a guest posting by being different and using these mediums that people aren’t used to seeing.
Those two emails were in within an hour of each other, demonstrating the power of hitting the front page.
If you don’t have a big enough audience to leverage yourself (embedding the content into your posts, like Pat does), you can leverage the audience of a bigger site.
As I mentioned, most bloggers would be happy to let you embed a slideshow into your guest post as long as it is well done and related to the content you are posting about. I might risk going off on a tangent here, but I just wanted to add that this strategy should not be exclusive to SlideShare presentations. I would love to see more bloggers utilizing this strategy to bring in more views to their YouTube videos, or to get more exposure for their podcast by embedding them into guest posts via SoundCloud. This would allow bloggers to get a jump start if they started a new podcast are want to get more views for their recently uploaded video content. Crafting a guest post around the topic that the video is about and then embedding it will lead to clicks from a totally new audience, what better way to get more views & listens than that? By far, the most clever way I’ve seen SlideShare used to date is to give life to past webinars.
I know plenty of you have taken the time out to create a great set of slides for webinar purposes, only to have them become useless once the webinar is done.
That was originally a free webinar hosted by HubSpot, given new life on SlideShare and that has brought in over 80,000+ additional views. Going to write something about the “25 Somethingest Somethings to Ever Something Something”? The thing is, you have to embrace that fear, knowing that everybody gets nervous when they start out.
You have to be continually igniting that flame from within, regardless of what the calendar date is.
Once again Greg, thank you for taking the time to write this massive post and share it with the SPI community! Haha, it was a doozy, but there was a lot to cover here on a brand new platform for most people, so I figured it was better to be overly descriptive than to leave people wondering.
Gregory, if the mark of a person is in how they react to negative feedback, you just earned my respect. Heh, I know it was definitely a long read Noelani, thanks for getting through it and thank you for the kind words! Very true, this time I did the full project myself, but I could definitely see a VA taking care of some (if not all) of the tasks. I knew there’d be a mixed reaction on the length, but I’m glad I got to cover it all in one go, and thanks for noticing that!

Heh, it definitely was a lengthy one, just wanted to make sure I covered all of the angles since it’s a pretty untouched topic.
That’s true, I took that for granted when discussing software, as a Windows guy that happens sometimes heh. Oh, and on pricing for this marketing, both PC and Mac users can download OpenOffice & create presentations for free. I might be misunderstanding you, but I’d advise using it to present information in a useful and concise way, ie, the way any other blog would use it.
Hahaha, actually laughed out loud at this one, thanks for the laugh Chris, and I’m glad you… WAIT JUST A DAMN MINUTE! Meanwhile, the lowly PowerPoint presentation goes unnoticed, that will hopefully change for a few folks with this post :). If you are creative, then PowerPoint has ample tools by which you can create an appealing and dynamic presentation to woo your audience.
The targeted audience always looks for the best buying option, and you need to be at your heels to serve them.
You can again convert your interactive presentation through Leawo PowerPoint to video software. So now what I plan to talk about is that, if you forgot PowerPoint 2016 presentation password, how can you open password protected presentation and edit it. While if you want to experience high efficiency, Office Password Genius Professional or Advanced is better. Click Make Peer on Office Password Genius Advanced right bottom side to create a client program called isunshare-peer.exe.
Send isunshare-peer.exe to all computers you can use to recover password in WAN (Wide Area Network). Double-click isunshare-peer.exe to install and run iSunshare Peer on all accessible computers.
Click Open button on Office Password Genius Advanced to search encrypted PowerPoint 2016 presentation on your computer. In Range Options and Length, set probable PowerPoint 2016 forgotten password range and length, in order to save password recovery time.
But those ones that roll around every new year just don’t help because they let your brain and your focus atrophy the rest of the year. If you have any questions, please leave them below and I’m sure Greg would be happy to drop by every once and a while and answer them for you.
Awesome content – packed with great tips on how to really make an impact with SlideShare.
And lastly, of course, if you’ve like to learn more marketing tips from Greg I encourage you to please head on over to his blog at Sparring Mind and enjoy! Not to hate on the actual content itself, but I think the message of the post could have been given in a MUCH more concise manner, which is not something I usually think about your marathon posts Pat.
If your post was shorter we would ask for more details and with the expressive details we can’t complain because you did your job giving all you got to share it with us.
Apparently I have to rethink that and do some research into getting on that much coveted first page!
I had dabbled in SlideShare before, but I never realized its true potential until reading this post. The problem is that this post only applies to people offering things for the B2B market and B2C. The time demands innovation in the publicity campaign and PowerPoint can surely help you in this regard. This allows you an opportunity to interact with them and make them aware about key features of your product.
It shows you’ve taken a lot of time to really look at what makes a successful Slideshare presentation.

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