Make A Wish Pinterest Pictures, Make A Wish Facebook Images, Make A Wish Photos for Tumblr. If you are interested in creating unique looks then firstly you have to know about your eye shape and then do things that look the best in your eyes. Down Turned Eyes: This kind of eyes creates an illusion of lassitude due to the downward angle of the outer eye corners. Heavy Lidded news: Girls with such eyes can actually create a little bit of difficulty to their owners. Deep set eyes: Such eye shapes are embedded deep in the socket, with very little increases in the eyelid. Hooded Eyes: In such eye shapes, a small amount of skin is folded over the sack that creates an illusion of tiredness.
Well, these were the five basic shapes that women have and be at any shape, you can always make your eyes look great and expressive by applying make-up in a proper way.

This site is operated by Chelbis Company Limited ("Chelbis") a registered in Malta under company number C 44435. We use a mixture of Napoleon and MAC cosmetics to add a touch of color to go with whatever the occasion might be. As at times, one might face trouble in applying proper eye shadow so that the eyes do not look tired and clumsy. However, the excellent option of having such eyes is that you can experiment with colours, but do not apply too much of mascara and eye liner. And, if you have such eyes and want an inspiration to try a certain look then Demi Moore and model Claudia Schiffer can be an excellent source for the same. As promoted on Television and internet, beauty can be achieved by applying a good load of make-up.
In such kind of eyes, to enhance them one need not apply too much of eye liner on the eyelid as it will make the eyes look very small.

Heavy usage of mascara is not advisable on the outer lashes and eye-liner needs to be applied with an upward twist. Applying eye liner on a water line is not advisable and you are free to use lots and lots of mascara. Even, I agree to this statement that make-up can bring out a lot of difference in a woman’s face.
There are various types of eye shapes that a woman can actually have and accordingly there are make-up tips designed.
One should not just go ahead and simply copy the queens portrayed in the magazines, but set an individual identity by doing things that suits them the best.

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