Wishpond makes it easy to create landing pages and contests, manage your leads and contacts, and automate email campaigns. So you’re running out of new ways to keep your Facebook page fun and engaging, and you know there has to be another way to make your page a gateway to sales. Facebook contests provide an enormous range of benefits and an excellent return on investment. Second, the customers that enter your contest are interactively engaging with your brand, which is very beneficial if you are trying to leave a memorable impression. If you’ve read any sort of marketing contest “how-to” post before, you’ll know that offering a gimmicky prize like an iPad is a big no-no. In order to really entice targeted customers to engage in your contest, the prize has to be something that relates to your brand.This is key. An iPad or any other general prize may provide you with thousands of random entries, but it won’t necessarily get you more leads.
Think of something brand related that will offer your customers a value that they haven’t been offered before. The longer your contest takes to explain, the greater the chance is that people will move on before entering. So to that end, your content has to be short enough to explain in seven seconds or captivating enough to hold a viewer’s attention past the eight second threshold.

Since we have such a small amount of time to convince a prospect to engage on our page, we have to be tactical with our presentation.
Great images can sometimes be hard to find, but an image or video that relates to your brand or contest is certainly better than no visual at all.
Work with your UX designers to ensure that your contest is easy to maneuver for even the un-savviest of users.
Because the goal of this campaign is to lock up leads, you don’t want to deter any potential users by trying to squeeze out unnecessary info from them in the entry form. For example: If you’re not planning on calling the entrants, don’t bother asking for a phone number.
Contests can be a great way to start a long-term relationship with new customers, or nurture the existing ones you already have.
Emily Zurrer is a marketing enthusiast and recently retired Canadian Olympic soccer player. Use Wishpond to generate leads, track their activity, and nurture them with automated email campaigns. To start, they give people a reason to connect with your page, and if the prize or incentive is a great one, they’ll share it with their friends too.
If the prize is something generic or completely unrelated, the customer may lose sight of what your company is really all about.

Their incentive to continue along the contest process will be much greater than if it is something that has been done too many times before.
But keep in mind that an amazing photo isn’t necessarily going to lock up a potential customer if it has nothing to do with your company. If the user has made it to the call-to-action – the contest entry form in this case – you are now on the final home stretch to generating a lead. A “thank-you” gift is another opportunity to make customers feel more connected to the brand, and it can be something as small as 10% off.
As marketers, we are always searching for awesome ways to generate leads and inch customers toward the end of the sales funnel and onto that sweet, sweet conversion. Emily writes blogs in her spare time as she searches for ways to conquer the digital marketing world.
Generally a person will leave a webpage in 10-20 seconds, which really isn’t a very long time to convince them to stay on your page and learn more about your product or contest. The absolute worst thing that could happen at this point is that your form asks too many questions or looks too long, scaring off your potential customer.

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