If you’re feeling the pain of resentment, especially towards another person, I have some hard-won guidance to share with you. As she pulled out her wallet to pay for her ticket, Michael, who was dealing with payments told her with a gigantic smile, “It’s your lucky day! I practically threw my credit card at poor Michael, as I allowed anger and resentment to fill me.
After the ticket table, I slammed down my backpack and water bottle, still full of steam and fury. I sashayed my way onto the dance floor and did what my Open Floor teachers have always advised. I didn’t hit anybody, I simply moved my own free-form way, the way I truly felt in my body.
You might be scratching your head, wondering if this is some kind of case of mistaken identity.
The concept of “recognize the other person is you” has a lot to do with the idea of Oneness.
During the dance, I decided to imagine that from my heart, I was sending her rays of happiness. I see a lot of the instances in the business world where people go around being upset with each other, feeling like other people got what they deserved, and feeling bitter, vindictive, and resentful for it.

I believe that we get exactly the lessons we need, even if they’re not comfortable ones.
I had a very conscious thought arise, “How fortunate I am to have a healthy, fluid, flexible body. So gave myself full permission to express my emotions, by sensing the energy in my body and how it wants to move. But even if you just believe that we are all in someway interconnected, that we somehow influence each other, then it’s much kinder to treat each other with compassion.
In my mind, I saw that I could be be happy for this woman’s happiness, as if it were my own happiness. By doing that, I had an intuitive sense of how sweet it must have been for the woman to receive the ticket. I sense now how carrying jealousy and resentment is not a very thoughtful way of going about in the world. If that’s you, you have the opportunity to move your emotions, and to choose the radical act of blessing the person who received, really with an aim to feel better in yourself.
We get strengthened through adversity and discomfort, including the loss of jobs we feel we deserved, promotions we feel we earned, and projects we really wanted.
A friend, Jennifer, came up and tucked in the tag on the shirt I was wearing, which had been inadvertently sticking out.

How wonderful it is to be able to move, and give non-verbal expression to what I’m feeling. Because, honestly if I had received the ticket, I would have wanted her to be happy for me, instead of resentful.
I hope that my sending universal love and blessings could be some form of even a teeny tiny healing for her.
I’m more of a night owl, but I’m willing to leave the house by 7:45 am on Sundays because this high-energy dance, with 150 open-hearted crazy movers feels absolutely dreamy to me. I’m a career and leadership coach who loves to awaken the working world to a higher level of consciousness.
I was wondering if the dance was sold out, which occasionally happens, and was not going to let her keep me out of dance.

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