InDesignSecrets has a great walk-through showing you how to build the ultimate contact sheet. Here’s something every InDesign user should know, but almost none do: InDesign, by default, completely ignores CMYK profiles you have embedded in your images. Setting default fonts and colors seems trivial, but can be a considerable time-savings if you work for an in-house design department where you’re always using the same corporate font and colors for virtually everything you do.
The ability to set default fonts and colors in new Adobe InDesign documents has been covered before, but I still see people asking about it, so I thought it worth mentioning here again. Any NEW documents you create will automatically have the new default font and colors already set. In the Control Bar across the top, select the Font drop-down menu and choose your default font.
If you’re a graphic designer, you no doubt know that Adobe released new versions of the major apps in their Creative Cloud subscription this past week. I’ve been using InDesign CC 2014 the last few days, and had no troubles at all with the software. I come across files all the time where the designer used multiple blank spaces, or even separate text boxes to align the period after the numbers in a numbered list in their InDesign document. To align the punctuation, Option + Click the same Numbered List icon in the Control Bar and adjust the Alignment of your list to Right Justified. Next, click the Preview checkbox in the lower left corner of the dialog box so you can see your adjustments updated live, and adjust the Left Indent amount until there is a sufficient amount of space after the numbers and before the text of the list. Finally, adjust the First Line Indent amount by a negative number until your satisfied with the look of the list.
The beauty of doing it this way is that you can go back later and make adjustments to all your lists at once, no hitting the space bar multiple times, no setting multiple tabs, no hassle! You probably don’t think of Adobe InDesign as a presentation application like Keynote or PowerPoint.
If you want to spare every key click you possibly can, you can quickly access the Open Dialog Box in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator with nothing but your mouse – and you don’t even have to make a trip to the File menu!
With no documents open, simply double-click an empty space in the Application Frame (the space normally taken up by a document window.
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When you double click on a Photograph file or Document file you are indirectly launching its default application. As you can see; When you click on the DOCUMENTS folder (folder link) within the FINDER sidebar you are not taken to a folder called DOCUMENTS on your Desktop Screen.
In this first example I am going to make a shortcut icon for the Letter.docx file inside the DOCUMENTS folder. The first method is to select (left click on) the Letter.docx file in order to make its FINDER menus available.
With the second method you click on the Letter.docx file but this time select MAKE ALIAS from the ACTION button. With the third method you right click on the Letter.docx file to bring up its Context (Options) menu and then select (left click on) the MAKE ALIAS menu-item. Furthermore, if you right click on both icons and then select their GET INFO menu-item you can compare their File Information. Letter.docx file stored inside a folder called ORIGINAL FILES located on my network hard drive (server). So in the example below I have the TFL (Transport For London) website address inside the Safari web browser's Address Bar edit box. Address Bar itself onto my desktop screen a shortcut icon will be created for the TFL website.
Despite what many people think, you can still use Adobe Bridge, but it requires downloading and installing an older add-on. I’ve always used Bridge, which you can still do after downloading and installing the old Output Module.
Unfortunately, existing documents will still use whatever default font and colors that were set when the document was created.
While Adobe focused on specific features for all the apps, it’s often the case that the little things make all the difference.
It’s a royal pain in the ass to fix, and it actually is a lot more difficult to do than just doing it the proper way to begin with. Simply select the items in your list and click the Numbered List icon in the Control Bar (see image above). But the fact is, you can apply page transitions, embed movies, and more to your InDesign document and present it without the viewer having to look at object handles, panels or the rest of the InDesign interface.

The catch of course, is that you have to have the Application Frame active and no document open. From there the Preview application opens the actual photograph file and displays its contents.
That file name, once the shortcut icon has been created, is ready to be edited straight away if need be. In this case it will take you to the ORIGINAL FILES folder on my network hard drive (Fig 1.12).
Instead, you can use Adobe InDesign’s built-in ImageCatalog script to build thumbnails of a folder full of images, including the file name, image dimensions, and more. But when I came across this old post detailing how to do it using InDesign, I immediately fell in love with the method because it offers a little more flexibility, and the ability to edit it after the fact. You draw out an object container in Adobe InDesign—such as a text box or image box—place the content in it and resize the content. While they are free of monetary payment, you are required to pay with a Twitter Tweet or Facebook Share. But you can change to a neutral gray background by hitting the letter G, or white by hitting W.
They are pre-installed by default on Windows and Mac systems, aswell as some Linux.Ways to my statcounter tells Registered+symbol+mac+shortcut. Next you have to manually resize the object container so it’s only large enough to hold the content within it. Otherwise you end up with a ton of overlapping object frames, making it difficult to select just the right one.
They are pre- installed by default on Windows and Mac systems, aswell as some.The standard Mac keyboard is designed for English conversation and basic mathematical equations, but Mac computers can. Inside a registered tips With a symbol with a capital r inside a registered trademark symbol.

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