In this video tutorial, you will learn how to make a high-powered stun gun out of easily obtained supplies.
Whether you're prepping for the eventual downfall of humanity, you're a serious survivalist looking for an addition to your bug-out bag, or you're just a collector of bizarre weaponry, you need the Survival Slingshot. Already known for their design contribution to the likes of Ferrari, Pininfarina is synonymous with beautiful, luxurious aesthetics.
It doesn't matter if you get an occasional squall or feet of snow every year — shoveling your driveway is a pain in the ass. There is no one right answer as to the order of necessities in a survival situation, in one environment water is first on your list of needs and in another environment shelter or fire would be your first on your list of needs. Self-sufficiency is all well and good, but if you want to live with some semblance of normalcy in the aftermath of an unforeseen catastrophe; communication, is key. Hi Instructables Community,this week I would like to share with you a kit that I've been thinking about for quite some time now. I have looked around the internet trying to find out if someone else makes these like I do. The bola (Spanish for ball) is a throwing weapon that generally consists of three weights on the end of three ropes (that's a good one on one correspondence example for all you people taking pre-algebra). Hi Instructables Community,this week I'm presenting you something quite different from my usual projects. Are you sick of bland instant coffee?Do you miss the full bodied rich taste filter coffee when you are away from your kitchen?Here is how to make a filter coffee machine out of odds and ends.
Imagine Bear Grylls eating the most disgusting maggot, ok, now imagine Bear Grylls eating the most disgusting maggot grill fried, isn't that better? Hi Instructables Community,first of all thanks to all of you who have read, liked and commented on my first Quick Skills Instructable from last week.
What if you were faced with no electricity for an extended period of time, or maybe your an outdoorsy kind of person, or you just like DIY projects, no matter which you are this is the Instructable for you.

Intro-I've always been intrigued with this concept and wanted to build my own however, most of the example videos online featured either 50 cal. Hi Instructables Community,thank you very much for the positive responses and feedback, favs & subscriptions for my previous projects. Here's a hack I came up with that will allow you to make windproof survival matches with a few cheap items.Here's what you'll need - Regular or strike anywhere matchesSome cotton sewing threadSparklers Glue of choice (I used hot glue) Watch the video!
Super Simple DIY Waterproof Pouches that cost next to nothing to make!Welcome to our first Instructable. But now they'll be known for something a little bit different — the Pininfarina Cambiano Inkless Pen.
Survival is not something that is ever likely to happen, not bad to know a few thing, but avoidance of survival is better.
I named it version two because the first version was something I put together almost 15 years ago during basic training in the army. A friend of mine suggested that I should share some of my experience from working abroad in usually hostile environments. Another big thank you to all of you have spotted mistakes in the first part and made suggestions for the second part. Perfect blade.Sharpening a knife using a stone can be challenging if you're just starting out and you can actually end up with a dull knife. They were one of the very first types of traps known to be used by early civilizations, and modernized versions are still being utilized to this day, by fur trappers, survivalists, and native peoples alike.
While this kit is certainly not the only thing you should count on, it is very useful and tightly packed. An informative tutorial done in time lapse with narration so you get a ton of information in a short period of time. Its rail system allows it to hold an included flashlight, as well as a range of additional attachments, while a compass and a waterproof storage area make it a versatile tool for handling the toughest situations nature throws your way.

At first glance, the design is unmistakably Pininfarina, with an elegant shape, handcrafted in Italy from aluminum and wood. Available in four models ranging in size from 26 to 30 inches, these blowers feature powerful 4-stroke engines, push-button electric starters, 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds, and a three-stage system that gathers the ice, slush, and snow in the center before blasting it out and up, away from your drive in no time. My tarp tent offers you a 360° view of shooting stars or thunderstorms from the safety of an ultralight, 3-season, 2 person shelter. The medical supplies are spaced out evenly in a layer of duct tape that creates a watertight core. I can say for sure that at lease one of the things would help in nearly any survival situation, if not more. That's great, because the skills of each individual are different just like the surroundings are different. But recently I got to use my brothers marlin .22 and realized how much easier his guns bolt operated. This tip gives it the precision of writing with a sharp pencil, with effortless strokes, while also leaving a permanent mark like your former favorite pen. After all, you're reading it.I haven't posted much on Instructables yet, but that doesn't mean I haven't made many things. By accessing or using this site, you express your understanding and acceptance of the Terms of use including the Privacy policy.

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