Yes Friends you heard it right,you can actually make money from this new social networking webiste.
Tsu is a free social networking platform where all of money made from the platform are distributed to the users of the platform in the form of royalties – after all, it is your content & your audience. Usher has 50M users following him and posts a unique picture of his new car and 10M users see this adding a bunch likes and comments.
Connections, whether they be between friends, followers of celebrities or working professionals, are at the crux of every social network. The factors that can cause this interruption are multiple but like I’d to explore one of them. It has nothing to do with the failure of digital sales strategies, or a messy interface, or even dodgy backend coding, although all of those are, of course, important. Dunbar’s Number dictates that there is a theoretical limit to the number of other individuals which any one individual can cognitively relate to. In humans the number of people that one person can meaningfully engage with is fluid, but is thought to average out at around 150. How a social network, especially one which has the goal of connecting friends as its primary aim, might fail because of the inevitabilities of Dunbar’s Number, requires a little more explanation.
Because various groups within networks intersect at multiple points, the connections you made on Facebook may well have expanded outside of any one of your immediate social circles.

The companies trying to actively make these connections are, of course, only doing so because Facebook, or any hypothetical social network for that matter, has become popular enough for them to invest time and money branding themselves on it. When you find yourself losing updates from this core grouping in a sea of sponsored updates, from products or shows which aren’t easy to empathise with at the best of times, then you’re going to lose patience with said social network. There is a reason, however, that one of the most celebrated features on Google+ (we know, we know, it’s more than a social network) is the Circles function. Stuart Thomas joined the Burn Media team in 2011 while finishing off an MA in South African Literature.
Advertisers have agreed to run ads where they would pay $1 for every 1000 people that see their ad (Called a CPM or Cost Per 1000 views). However many friends, followers or connections you might have, your interactions on the social network will be limited to the same circle of 150 or so people. More specifically, it requires some thought about the way social networks become popular in the first place.
If you were one the advanced, early adopters, you were probably trying to get your close circle of friends to join you on the network. Except with very careful, disciplined monitoring, such connections only widen as more and more people join the social network.
The thing we like the most about a product which is supposed to change the way we use the internet, is a feature which lets us separate the news feeds of people we really like (friends), people we like a lot (acquaintances) and people we find vaguely interesting (following).

Eager to prove his geek credentials, he allowed himself to be thrown in the deep and did his best to stay afloat. While studying primates, Dunbar noticed that the relative size of the neocortex (that’s the part of the brain which does actual thinking) in monkeys, apes and humans held a direct correlation with total size of a social group. Research has already been done showing how consistent this number is on Facebook and Twitter. If you weren’t, then you were probably convinced to join because someone in your close social circle had asked you to or because everyone in your circle already had and you were feeling left out.
So, in the end 50% goes to the content creator & 50% goes to the network who brought them to Tsu. The other 45% is distributed to the chain of people who invited you to the platform according to their algorithm described in more detail below.

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