Use a little amount of pudding mixture to paste the pieces together and evenly smear the frosting onto the cake. This year, we're rejecting all romantic expectations of this holiday and replacing it with the best desserts one can possibly eat on Valentine's Day.
The box provides the instruction of the steps in how to bake the cake base.  Get your baking pans and proceed into greasing them. Add the pudding mix and sugar into the milk and whisk for 2 minutes in order for the ingredients to blend.  Gently add the whipped topping and red food coloring while continually stirring the mixture.

Place the square cake to a diagonal position and place each half of the round cake on both top sides of the diamond, forming a heart.
The always fabulous Kate Petty from MiniEco assures us that these super impressive handmade cards are, in fact, super easy to make.
It either makes you feel like you're all alone -- don't worry, you're not -- or it reminds you that the romance from your relationship has simmered to a neutral -- it's not either. Pour the mix, making sure that you divide it equally to the two pans and bake.  After baking, cool for 10 minutes and take out from the pans.

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