Video news has now become a necessary part on news websites due to its visual representation of information to people.
Now, what we will discuss right here is: How to easily make video news like these or even better and more functional ones? Like other software, the input video files only accept FLV format so as to enable output video player to playback clips. Some people may want to add advertisements and links to video and player, which is considered as another strategy in product advertising and website promotion.
Right here, I use Notepad to open the above-mentioned html file and switch to the code mode and change the paths like the following screenshot. Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other.
I saved my short video as small.mp4 in the raw folder, however , after I start my app the two sides are blank, and the video's sound is actually playing. I was facing a similar problem in order to get this done I've used the great RajawaliVR library.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged android android-mediaplayer google-cardboard or ask your own question. My first contribution to play dough week is a video tutorial of our easy, no-cook play dough recipe! Watch this (or read this popular recipe post) and then make some play dough ready for the ideas to follow this week!
I love your video, I can never remember to do video I made no bake play dough this weekend for this challenge. We’re going to have a go at joining in and making this – thanks for the tutiorial! Cook over medium heat constantly stirring until it becomes a thick blob.  This is hard work!
LIKE THIS POST  Come join the many playtimes here on Learning4kids, please enter your email address in the subscription box to receive updates right to your inbox! Thank you for you comment Nanny’s Nest I will email you as I am not sure if replying to this comment will work.
I have never made play dough before until today I followed your recipe, it’s so easy!
Hi Binte, the salt in the play dough will preserve it for a short period of time but the play dough will eventually become very dry.
Includes 15 shapes, circle, square, rectangle, triangle, oval, heart, star, crescent (and moon), rhombus (and kite), semi-circle, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, octagon and trapezoid.
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A video is a compelling option when you want to demonstrate a product or show off its features. Traditional audio description is created as a closed track, wherein the description is a separate file from the primary track, as opposed to being a part of the primary file.
The first thing to understand about audio accessibility in a video is the difference between captions and subtitles. The key to this difference is that subtitles make the assumption that the listener recognizes and understands the non-spoken sounds in the movie. If you’re working on accessibility, think about significant sound events in the movie, like those I described above. With the advent of HTML5 players and the decline of Flash, there’s much potential for improvement in the video experience. Thus, it takes only a couple minutes to discover if a video player works from the keyboard. Knowing whether a control — such as a play button — is labeled for a screen reader requires a bit more expertise. The only sure way to know whether the controls are accessible to screen readers is to test them with a screen reader. Well, Socusoft Web Video Player has such advertising function with advanced templates but only for registered users.
If you want to add an advertisement image with no target link on it, the format of the image can be jpeg, gif, jpg and png. I’m teaming up with NurtureStore and Sun Hats and Wellie Boots to bring you a week filled with new and fun ways to play, explore and learn with play dough! Follow our ideas that we will be publishing on our blogs and our Facebook pages each day this week and try some out at home or with the children you work with. You will find lots of FUN and SIMPLE IDEAS to do with your kids that promote CREATIVE PLAY and LEARNING! Dolson Print 2 Comments Tweet 0 Making videos accessible for blind and disabled users involves three components: the visual content, the audio content, and the player itself. For example, imagine a scene where a vacuum salesman comes to the door to demonstrate the product. Subtitles provide support for people who are generally able to hear, but may have limitations such as a lack of familiarity with the language, a low-level hearing impairment, or being in a noisy environment. He’ll recognize a car horn blaring in the background, know that the stereo is on, and hear the knock at the door.
That said, almost all players today are JavaScript wrappers triggering events in the client’s native HTML5 player. On YouTube, for example, when you use the tab key you can see a clear visual focus on each control, and you can use either the space bar or the enter-return key to use the player.

In my experience, if a player has already passed the first three tests, it’s likely to pass the last.
Fortunately, there are high-quality, free screen readers available for all major operating systems. If you want to add a target link to a web page for the advertisement image, the format must be swf. We would love to see some photos of what you have tried out on our Facebook walls and you are invited to link any posts you may choose to write to our play dough ideas link up on Saturday! If you’re setting up a new site, choosing a player that supports audio description is an easy option. But in a crowded scene or if a character not on-screen is speaking, this is crucial information. In most cases, if somebody was conscientious in developing a player with keyboard accessibility, she’ll also have considered screen readers. Once you install or enable your screen reader, simply repeat your tests using the tab key and listen carefully.
You may use Flash Slideshow Maker, Macromedia Flash, SnagIt or other tools to add URL easily to the image and save it as swf format. If you literally described every visual element in a movie, you could easily end up with three hours of description for a 15-minute movie. Others may benefit from just a few seconds of brief voiceover, which shouldn’t be a problem.
But it means that every player is creating a new user experience, and not all of them work for everybody. If a control is handled using a radio button or select list, use the arrow keys to switch between options in the list.
But some movies end up needing extensive description; and it may be a challenge to fit that extra description into the timeline. There are many events in movies that use purely visual experiences to create an environment or share a response; these kinds of scenes should be described in an audio track.
In that case, you get to the point where you need to make two separate versions of the movie: one with audio description and one without.

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