If you take a look at the websites over the web, you will find that there exists a standard factor common to all these.
With the emergence of the Grid, there seems to be a universal standard according to which our designers are designing the websites.
Do you think people will like it if you have a site that is more or less similar to your competitor’s site?
Visitors will stop coming to your site, and the result is you have lesser traffic, leading to poor performance. When we ask you to keep what is required, you are probably thinking who would like to focus on embedding in components that are unnecessary? We know that there are ample of things that we might not need as the design flow proceeds, but intentionally or not we miss to eliminate these. And, we are quite sure that we have not added even a single component that would be wasted and being a designer we have committed our first mistake in designing. Did someone ever tell you that only 20% of the things that are on your site helps to generate 80% of the revenue? Sometimes you might have observed even though your customers are almost through adding the things in the cart and clicking through to make the payment, they just back out.
It could be anything and everything on your website including the copy, social media proofs, customer reviews, testimonials, call-to-action buttons or sign up forms and more.
On each of the pages of your website, you can find elements that include a lot of visitor engagement. We already told you that you need not keep up those elements which seem to be unnecessary and not in synch with the requirements of your business and customers. So, now you have to get rid of those 80% elements that spoil the 20% chance of your business in acquiring new customers. You have already identified 20% of the site’s components that will drive you more than 80% of the desired results. It could be anything starting from the sidebar elements to links in the footer including the social media sharing widgets. Single page websites and carousels are dominating the trend and we are quite unsure about where to include the content on our web pages.

Most of the people read content that lies above the fold, and they do not take the effort to move downwards. You can minimize the header height if you have a navigation menu and a logo on top of your website. A simple tweak, go to your stylesheet and edit the value of your header’s height in here. And, if any of those call-to-actions and sign-up forms look like they are out of place(below the fold), then move it upwards. When you juggle in a lot of colors, your website will lose its shine and beauty, and it will resemble an overpacked unhealthy lunch box. As you know, we already discussed in #1 how minimizing the elements on your website could get you 80% of the sales. So, is the case with minimizing the number of web pages, it helps in generating a better impact.
It is observed that people include About the Site section even though they have an About Us section separately.
Minimize the number of pages as much as possible, because you are not here to annoy your people, but your aim is to make things easy for them. These are a few tweaks that you could include in your website designs to make it user-friendly. Do you think there are more of tweaks that can help in simplifying websites and make these more interactive?
We are open to your ideas as we believe it would help us in enhancing this article further.
Acodez IT Solutions is a leading web design company in India offering a wide range of web design and development solutions to companies in India and abroad. The first two lines explain to the browser that it is an XML file, encoded in UTF-8, but after that you are free to add your page locations. Dublin.rdfThis little-known and under-used file is very important if you have been doing any kind of search engine optimization with your metadata. These RDF files are just like XML files and have a DTD and other similar rules to go with them.

Make free website ( domain) - simplesite, The easiest site builder in the world, zero ads, with your very own domain name.
Create free website easily free website builder - webnode, You can create and own your website for free for unlimited time. As a viewer think of all the things that you would want to appear on your website and forget the rest. A lot of hard work is involved when you are designing a lot of components which might not be necessary. Because, if people do not read what lies below the fold, then there is no chance that they will find the call-to-actions that you have put up below the fold. Of course, your color palette gives you an umpteen number of options when it comes to colors.
We do understand not all websites can be single paged because the business requirements, operations, and functionality all differ. Website design should be something that can speak to your people rather than stare at them as if it has no soul. We are also an SEO agency based in India providing all kinds of inbound marketing solutions.
These are simple ways that you can add value to your site without having to spend time on new features. By making your sites work better with the web they reside on, you will ultimately have an easier time in marketing, promotion and search engine placement, as well as showing a professional image to your visitors. Name (required) Mail (will not be published) (required) Website To leave a comment please enable JavaScript in your browser settings! Overall, I am very happy and I have a large example set to draw from to continue to build my skills.
Although it was difficult to complete, I managed to get most of it finished and the example for the lab that was provided is an excellent example as well.

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