Today in this topic, we are going to share an absolutely free software to tweak and customize Windows 8 Start Screen.
The best thing of this tool is that it doesn't modify any system file to change the background image. Apart from changing background image, you can also change number of rows of tiles visible at Start Screen. One of the most impressive and interesting feature present in this freeware is the ability to put transparency in Start Screen. You'll need to select "Run at startup" option if you want to see your desired wallpaper each time you log into Windows 8.
How to Fix Broken Incompatible Extensions in Mozilla Firefox and Make Them Compatible With Newer Versions? How to Hide Menubar, Addressbar, Standard Toolbar and Throbber (Small Flag Icon) in Windows XP Explorer? Hey nice but i'll prefer to use decor8,because having multiple features as compare to this one.. I was looking for an app, after trying decor8, that adds the ability to make the tiles transparent and it seems you have done that. To take a screenshot, hold down the Windows key and press the PrtScn (Print Screen) button on your keyboard.
Press the Win + E keyboard combination to open Explorer and navigate to your Pictures library. It is the simple thing to take a screenshot in windows8,when compared to that of to take a screenshot in windows XP and Windows7.
1.In windows 7 we need to click the print screen and then open the paint and paste it in the paint and save it to take a screen shot.

Like that, In windows 8 operating you just need to do two stepsto get your snap of your desktop. When using VMware Workstation in testing, sometimes you need to have your environments prepared quickly. Cloning a machine: The problem with it is that a machine is cloned with its IP number and the SID, unique identifies for every machine.
When installed, launcher 8 will replace the default Android launcher in your phone and replace it with the a launcher that displays your apps as tiles. With the latest version of Launcher 8, you can customize the colors and background image of the tiles, their size and the application that they will open.
Another is the Live Contacts tile that shows you your contacts with their pictures flipping like mad. I've got to admit, the lock screen in the desktop Windows 8 is the most beautiful lock screen so far. Launcher 8 amazingly grants my wish by replacing the lock screen of my android phone with the Windows 8 lock screen. Forget the swipe to the right to unlock by Android, you can unlock your phone from the Launcher 8 lock screen by swiping upwards - just like the Windows 8 desktop. There are a few built-in background images available to choose from and a few built-in color schemes, that's all. You can also select which portion of the wallpaper should be visible on Start Screen by adjusting the image placeholder using your mouse. You can try a similar software from Stardock called "Decor8" which also allows you to tweak and customize Windows 8 Start Screen. However, either I'm missing it but I don't seem to be able to change the picture of the lock screen anymore.

Thus, when you have cloned some machines and have them in a network, you may have problems, specially if you are working with Active Directory Domains, because 2 or more machines are recognized as if they were just one machine.
Now, every time you need a clean Windows 8 machine, you can extract the Sysprep to another folder and you will have a new machine. Of course, the much loved live image gallery tile is also present which shows pictures from a predefined folder in a continuous slideshow. There's the familiar white flower of Windows 8, the time and date and some notifications at the top.
Tap on the pencil handle to edit the color, background and the app that opens when that tile is clicked. There is no option given to apply your desired wallpaper as background image in Start Screen.
The other option which jumps out at me in my wish list is the ability to fully customize the size and position of the tiles in addition to changing the number of rows.
Every time I need a new Windows XP machine, I just extract the files to another folder prepared for a new virtual machine and start the VM (virtual machine). For example, I would like to be able to place the tiles on the start screen exactly where I want them to be and size them exactly the size I want..

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