This tutorial shows you how to make your blog mobile friendly through the use of a plug in so that it is easier to read on mobile devices.
See how it’s just a miniature version of the web page with teeny tiny teensy weensy letters? Now, if you go to your mobile device, you will see your blog in the WPtouch mobile friendly format. There are also different options and settings regarding WPtouch if you wish to customize it a bit rather than settle for the default options.
For a large number of people, WordPress is the first script that they have have installed online for the first website they have ever developed.
In this article, I would like to speak about some of the mistakes that many WordPress users make when they first start using the platform. WordPress does allow you to install WordPress in a different directory than the one it is installed.
Many beginners do not change this default permalink structure to a more user-friendly option that uses keywords.
To change permalinks through the WordPress admin area, your .htaccess file has to be writable.
Plugins that are not being used should be deactivated and uninstalled if you do not plan on using them again.
By default, updates to the WordPress core will be applied automatically if you are using WordPress 3.7 or higher.
Guessing a user’s username and password remain the number one way that unauthorised parties access WordPress websites. There are many great free services online that allows you to generate a strong password at the click of a button.
You can also take advantage of password solutions such as Passpack and LastPass to store your strong passwords in a secure location. New WordPress users (all new website owners for that matter) fail to recognise the importance of backing their website up regularly.
It is a shame that most people need to experience data loss in order to learn the importance of backing up, as backing up is so easy to do. With so many backup solutions available for WordPress, you really have no excuse for not backing up regularly. Far too many people that are new to WordPress don’t know where the answers to their questions are so they just guess what they should be doing, rather than visiting the codex.
While the Codex has been taken over by the developer side of things, there are a ton of tutorials and resources in their for the new WordPress user that should not be ignored. I would say, however, that a lot of information is hard to find and many pages are outdated. Perhaps people who had installed other scripts before would do it as admin is a common username for administrators on many scripts. I help out people with their websites from time to time and it does not seem that common anymore; at least not for newer installations. I think requiring folks to register and login to make a comment discourages folks from commenting, which is one of the main purposes of blogging. Implementing a social commenting platform may help alleviate that though.Yes it still requires you to have an account somewhere, but most people these days that comment usually have a social media account of some sort.

This is not a problem if you are a Elegant Themes customers as they have over 80 designs included in the membership and you can just change when you want.
Those are some good comments for newbies & backups are 1 thing I do agree people don’t take seriously enough! I recently discovered a tutorialom building your wordpress site on local directory usimg wamp. Another mistake commonly made is to not change the default settings under Discussion to uncheck the box that says notify me every time a comment or a new user registers which results in their in box being flooded with notifications.
Thank you all there at Elegant Themes for treating newbies as if they have a brain in their heads. I’ve probably made a bunch of rookie mistakes but the funniest one I keep seeing is one I recently saw on a companies site who claimed to be WordPress, SEO experts. Do you know if automatic theme updates will work with the Elegant Themes updater (assuming it has been authenticated)?
If you have several sites to manage I recommend a plugin like managewp (i think that’s the name?) then youmanage all your site updates on one dashboard. I still make “newbie” mistakes, and I thank you for posting this so that I can fix them immediately! Deleting unused plug-ins from other sites right now, and setting up back up for them as well!
You can manually overwrite the file using FTP or through the file manager in your web hosting control panel. I have another two articles to complete today, but if you email me through my blog, I’ll try and make time later tonight to resolve the issue. Following security tips such as one of your recent articles is always wise, even for a new blubber, webmaster or developer. Beginners make the mistake of simply uploading this folder to their website using FTP rather than uploading the files and folders contained within the folder. However, for most people, it is simpler to just install WordPress in the same location it is being displayed. You can then manually update the .htaccess file via your hosting account file manager or using a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) client. Doing so will alienate visitors and give the impression that you are not taking your website seriously. Whilst building your website, you can use a maintenance mode plugin such as Anticipate to keep interested parties informed of your launch date. Do not fall into the trap of installing dozens of widgets you are not using and statistical plugins that you are not checking every day. Failure to do this will increase the chance of your website being hacked and make it difficult for you to use any new WordPress products.
Which is why the release of WordPress 3.7 in October 2013 included a fantastic new auto-update feature. This is a mistake they usually continue to make until their website is hacked and they lose a lot of data.
Professional backup and restore services, such as VaultPress, are available for only $5 per month.
He has years of experience with WordPress, and is a professional blogger with a special interest in social media, internet marketing and web design.

There’s a wealth of information in there and is the best place to start if you want to know more about functions and the WordPress templating system.
There is nothing more frustrating than having to sign up to a blog just to leave a comment. I had no idea how to choose and what to look for until I spent a few months trying to use a theme that was beautiful, but highly restrictive in what I had control over.
99.99% of hosting companies store their daily backups in the exact same location as their main servers.
What if I had published half of this article and had a “Coming Soon” message at the end?
Then you only publish your site once you are happy it has at least the basics of completed pages. I ensure I get updates of all new comments so that I know right away that a new comment has been left. Sometimes I get an Elegant Themes support answer, other times I find what I need in WordPress Codex. I set this site up Sunday night, and feel better about it than any other site I’ve created. Therefore, from a performance point of view and from an SEO point of view, there does not seem to be any real significance as to which user-friendly permalink structure you choose. It is not uncommon for a new WordPress user to install dozens of plugins; even if he is only using a few. This allows important maintenance and security updates to be applied to your website as you sleep. There are lots of free solutions available too, such as the popular WordPress Backup to Dropbox plugin.
But reading this post I am happy to know I am no longer a newbie as I don’t make any of these mistakes anymore! In the discussion panel, I simple check author must fill in name and email and email me when anyone posts a comment and I moderate all comments. And yea, you got a point, forcing people to register to submit comments mostly results in alt+f4 your website.
I just got the new one installed last Friday and WOW, what a difference the right theme makes to getting what you want! If something happens to their data centre (flood, outages, fire, whatever), then you will lose your website and your backups.
Just leave it as a draft and then perhaps the fact that it is a draft will prompt you to work on it until it is ready to be published.
Making your site mobile-friendly will not affect how your blog continues to look on a full size computer screen.

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