Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) provides us with simple and dummy STS application we can use to develop our system with no actual STS in place.
Download a fully functional 30-day trial to experience the power of ComponentOne Studio for yourself. Our Platinum support service expands your options for interacting with our engineers, providing you an additional layer of support. In this posting I will show you how to add STS support to your existing application and how to generate dummy application that plays you real STS. By adding Platinum support to your Studio subscription, you will receive priority support for online submissions, guaranteed 24-hour weekday response time and unlimited phone support incidents for one year.

Although it is relatively easy to build your own STS using WIF tools I don’t recommend you to build it. Identity providers must be highly secure and stable in every means and this makes development of your own STS very complex task.
If you don’t then here are the links to download pages: Windows Identity Foundation Windows Identity Foundation SDK Adding STS support to your web application Suppose you have web application and you want to externalize authentication so your application is able to detect users, send unauthenticated users to login and work in other terms exactly like it worked before.
When you are done with these little modifications you are ready to run your application and see how authentication works.
You just ran wizard, inserted some data, modified configuration a little bit and you were done.

Later, when your application goes to production you can run again this STS configuration utility and it generates correct settings for your real STS service automatically.

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